November 2016 | Volume 1

The correlation among clinical outcomes data, product reimbursement and surgeon adoption is an angle that, frankly, we feel we've exhausted. Recent conversations with surgeons and industry experts, though, suggest that the message bears repeating.

Identify and deal with supply chain issues before they occur. Typically, 60 to 90 days should be allotted for a thorough assessment of the current state of the supply chain, including risk discovery and mitigation planning. 

This year, enabling technologies of all kinds generated the most pre- and post-event buzz. Implants made with 3D printing technologies were highlighted, too, as were companies' responses to changes in healthcare delivery. 

As of November 9, 2016, the exhibit floor is 85% full. 112 companies have confirmed their booths - see the list and bookmark it to keep tabs on who to meet in June.
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Personal/Professional Development - Who Am I?

Most of you have heard the expression, "The only constant is change." Issues of job security, regulation pressure, more expected for less, etc., remind us every day how true this is. Remember, though, the most important job we all face is to manage ourselves. The better job we do of it, the more effective and valuable we are. Read on.
Study Results:

Correlation from this ovine study to human clinical outcomes has not been demonstrated or established. 
OrthoFuzIon is one of the first antimicrobial implantable medical devices designed specifically for orthopaedics.

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