November 2017 | Volume 1

In response to spine surgeons' shift away from traditional PEEK cages, materials were (again) one of the main themes discussed at NASS last month.

If your recent experiences with contract negotiations are something like visiting the dentist for a root canal, there is a much better--and pain-free!--way to go about wrangling that strategic agreement.

The Orthopaedic Trauma Association convened for its annual meeting, and many of the themes that resonated in surgeon voices and research focused on complex fractures and complications from fractures.

Time is of the essence:
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SNN is the second-largest arthroscopy/soft tissue repair company, deriving more than $1.2 billion or ~37% of its revenue from the segment. The Rotation Medical acquisition adds a collagen-based bioinductive implant for rotator cuff repair to its portfolio.

AJRR will serve as the hip and knee registries for AAOS and will retain the AJRR name. Additional AAOS registries will launch in mid- to late 2018 and over the next five years, covering a broad range of conditions and procedures.
Vivorte launched FORTERA and REGENTO bone grafts, rounding out its offerings to provide a complete line of synthetic biomaterials.

Meet Steven Haas, M.D., wearer of multiple hat-titles at Hospital for Special Surgery. While his story is closely aligned with inefficiency in the supply chain, specifically inventory management, it offers a lesson for all of us on ways to identify and effectively solve problems.

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