August 2017 | Volume 2

Hip and knee surgeon Matthew Dietz, M.D. shares his take on challenges with present systems and devices, and offers thoughts on what he'd like to see in the future.

You have the power to change the way you approach problem solving. Little changes in your thinking can make a significant difference, resulting in increased value and personal fulfillment.

The robotic guidance and navigation system is the culmination of years of research and development efforts, and utilizes only Globus implants and instruments.
June 12-14 | Chicago
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ATEC CEO Terry Rich recently commented that the new executive team invested personal assets in the company, indicating commitment to growth.


The continual entry of new companies into the U.S. spine and trauma markets does not come as a surprise. Here are five companies--three of which are new to the U.S.--that recently received 510(k) clearance.
Emerging Implant Technologies acquired a portfolio of 22 issued and pending patents covering a complete range of 3D-printed expandable spinal fusion cages for vertical and lateral expansion. First products based on these patents will launch in 2018.

Attention Suppliers! Just in time for your 2018 planning.
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This roundtable features perspectives from Barger, Beacon Converters, Millstone Medical Outsourcing and UPS. Originally published in 2015, it remains an industry-critical subject today.

You can implement all of the ideas in this popular, highly-relevant article, but the goal of supplier quality management is problem prevention--not problem correction. In order to prevent issues, you must be able to predict future supplier performance.