June 2017 | Volume 1

We look at the ten companies that represent numbers six through 15 on our list of the largest device companies: Arthrex, DJO, NuVasive, Aesculap, Wright Medical, Globus, Orthofix, ConMed, Exactech and Acumed.
It may be no surprise that you can "prepare" for a recall by adhering to exceptional design controls, packaging and labeling practices and transparent distribution channels. 

A team at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation's Research Division seeks to make 3D printed bone/ligament hybrid tissue for use in hand and wrist procedures.
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When you change the method of manufacturing, you also need to assess the ability of that method to produce a device that is safe and effective.
Flyte allows a surgeon to perform remote, nonsurgical rod expansion via microchip and RFID reader that power a gear box within the rod. 
Bodycad's Unicompartmental Knee System is based on proprietary 3D renderings of medical images of the patient's anatomy. The product is described as a personalized restoration, and is delivered as a "procedure in a box" with the patient-specific implant and instruments.
"We're proud to add Smith & Nephew to our list of investors and look forward to being able to leverage their global experience as we roll out additional mi-eye products in the future."