My new office is all fixed up and ready for business!
Some of you didn't even know I was moving!

The time finally came to say goodbye to my office inside the Oakland Acupuncture Project. While I love them and the neighborhood, my practice needs outgrew the space available. So, here I am with a brand new office just a few minutes away!

The new location is very tranquil and easy to get to with plenty of free street parking!

Located in the Claremont/Elmwood neighborhood in South Berkeley. Just a few blocks from the Claremont Hotel. Steps off the 13 and a tip toe from Ashby!
Upon scheduling your next appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with address and direction information. Which leads me to...
New Scheduling System!
This also means I have a new scheduling system that you can find directly through my website or by clicking one of the BOOK NOW buttons in this email.
Feel free to check out the "Treatments Offered" button below to get to know what I can help you with.
I still Hella Love Oakland, I'm just also growing fond of Berkeley as well ;).
But mostly, I hella love you all and will keep doing my best to serve you as long as I can.
Ranjot Skywalker
Massage Therapist & Healing Facilitator
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