Dear Friends & Partners,
A quick update on the book.  A week ago the Lord told me to restructure certain passages of information in the book, especially where some information overlapped between some of the chapters, which is what happened in the original book.  I needed to rewrite some of the chapters almost entirely. It basically means that information is not repeated from chapter to chapter, thus organizing the info better. 
Then I will "streamline" all info throughout the book so that it all flows together with the new chapters being added. It is taken much more time, but I know the book is going to be amazing when I finish because it will be EXACTLY what the Lord wants it to be.
I open the new book with "A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR".  The old book opened with an introduction, which this one has also.  The introduction in the new book follows the Word from the Author.
I am including in this email the opening of the book "A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR"  for you. As you read it, just thank the Lord for His continued wisdom and power to get the book done EXACTLY the way He wants. 
Here is the opening of the new book:
The first edition of this book, The Gold and Glory of the End-time Church, came off the Press on Friday June 7, 1996.  The writing of this book was not my idea but something which the Lord firmly instructed me to do at the time. He wanted me to tell the story of God's enormous financial revolution of both the heavenly and worldly system of finances, destined for the final years of THIS present generation. The Lord further told me to suspend all activities in my itinerant ministry at the time in favor of the book project, and promised me a special financial gift to cover ALL expenses of the ministry while writing the book.  Shortly thereafter, I received $150,000 promptly.  Having confirmed the book project supernaturally with such a sizable gift, I immediately set out to obey the Lord's instruction to me. The book would serve as a prophetic publication to prophecy and proclaim this message set forth into the earth at that specific time. This prophetic publication being declared at the right time was needed so that at the appointed time of God in the future this prophetic message would manifest to the full all over the world!
Today in 2017 we are standing on the threshold of a new technological and economic revolution of our society. Technological possibilities esteemed ridiculous five years ago are now beginning to unfold before our eyes. Revolutionary new discoveries in Aeronautical and Space Technologies, automobile manufacturing, and the Retail Distribution Industry and many more, are already in motion, rapidly transforming the way we live. In 1981 the Lord told me that TWO great technological revolutions of our world would precede the return of Jesus. The church being unprepared at the time of the first of these two revolutions would be sidelined and bypassed by it. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs led this revolution in the nineties. The second technological metamorphosis of our time will soon be directed by the church and our changing world of tomorrow will be part and parcel of God's financial plan of revival for the return of Jesus.  
This year of 2017 marks 22 years since the first publication of The Gold and The Glory. Several months ago, I received instruction from the Lord to revise this book and to publish a new updated version of it.  Again, the timing of it is prophetic, since the time for the new financial revolution in 2017 is rapidly approaching.
It gives me great pleasure to present to you this new edition of The Gold and Glory of the End-time Church.  It is with a sense of great humility that I recommend this wonderful message from the Lord to you, His beloved church. I have been in awe of God's grace in my life since He first called me to the ministry and I marvel every day at the fact that despite me, my shortcomings and failures, that He has chosen for me to glorify Him through my life and ministry and in the writing of this wonderful end-time message to the church.
It proves necessary for me by the leading of the Lord to illustrate certain aspects of the book with personal experiences of the Lord in my own life and ministry. I do not disclose this information seeking any personal recognition. The entire focus of this book rest ONLY on the Lord, by whose grace I live every day! To God ALONE be ALL the glory!
My sincere prayer for the future is that the Lord may inspire every one of His children to great heights and marvelous achievements in our future as we seek to fulfill our destiny from God in this most important hour of grace.  Regardless of any of our sufferings and failures of the past, our future in the Lord in these last days shines brighter than at any time in the 6000-year history of mankind on earth. We have truly come into the kingdom for a time such as this. Let's lay aside every weight of sin and run with patience the great race that is set before us today, redeeming the time for surely it is now indeed very short. If perhaps we have come to doubt the validity of our destiny through setbacks and personal challenges recently, my prayer is that the Lord will wash away the troubles and challenges of the past and fill you with renewed hope and trust for the days ahead. God's mercies are new every morning and His grace upon our lives shine today like a shining beacon on our future. He will turn our mourning into dancing and our dreams and desires into miraculous fulfillment in these all-important days before the glorious return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Yours truly,
Dr. Gabriel J. Heymans. July 14, 2017

God Bless, 
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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