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    We have some spots open for our next Industry/NewTalent Showcase is a big one, Saturday, July 23rd, 10PM @ NY Comedy Club, with Phil Cassese, from Stewart Talent Management coming into look at acts.  As always you get to perform in front of a supportive packed house.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 917 686 5333.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, July 23rd, 10:00PM


Laughing Buddha Comedy's

New Talent/Industry Showcase


at NY Comedy Club

241 East 24th St.   


Industry Guest: Phil Caseese 

Agent with Stewart Talent Management


Stewart Talent Management is one of New York City's premier boutique talent agencies. Led by owner Don Birge, the company caters to actors in every aspect of film, television, theatre, on-camera commercials and voice-over.  They have offices in NYC, Chicago, and Atlanta.  Phil Cassese recently merged his entire commercial department with Stewart Talent where he is the senior on-camera commercial agent. Phil previously held the same position at TalentWorks Phil's interest in comedy led him to develop a strong roster of improvisers and comedic actors, and he is always looking for new and up and coming comics.  He works on and has booked a wide array of commercial projects.


This is a great showcase for new comics as well as seasoned ones, as many have been booked in commercials and retained agents through these shows.


You will meet Phil Caseese after your set for feedback and work opportunities.


5 person bringer for 6 to 7 minute audition spot

3 person bringer for non audition spot


$15 cover, 2 drink minimum  









"In order to progress in comedy and get non-bringer spots you have to be seen by the right people at great shows. I've done several shows for Laughing Buddha Comedy and after my second audition for club owner Al Martin I was 'passed' by him and I'm now getting regular professional spots at Broadway Comedy Club, The World Cafe, as well as the New York Comedy Club." 


Mick Diflo




"I've been doing Laughing Buddha Industry Showcases for the last couple of years. I am now represented by Avanti Talent Management, and Frontier Booking International. I've gone out on dozens of auditions in the last year, and my career is progressing rapidly. They have very low bringer requirements for a prime time weekend show at a major comedy club, and the room is always packed. I'm even given hosting and guest spots on occasion. If you're serious about acting in addition to your stand up these showcases are a must!"


Giulio Gallarotti



"After performing in one of Laughing Buddha Comedy's Industry Showcases I was given the opportunity to meet with Sandy Gunar, an agent with Avanti Talent Management. The feedback I got from Sandy, as well as other industry pros I've met by doing these shows, has served me immensely. I've now booked three paid commercials in the last year"!

Kevin Williams



"After performing in a Laughing Buddha Comedy Industry showcase, I met with Sandy Gunar, an agent from Avanti Talent Management. He immediately added me to his talent roster. Within a few months, I was being sent out on auditions regularly. Within a year, I booked my first commercial! If you're looking to do an industry show, don't get sucked into large bringers with little reward. Instead, go with Laughing Buddha Comedy!"


Lou Stone Borenstein




More testimonials 





We offer hands down, the best industry and new talent shows to be seen in. Our Industry/ New Talent Showcases have resulted in many of our comics getting passed at clubs, working on the road, landing paid commercials, signing with agents and managers, and so much more. We bring in the top booking agents, managers, casting directors, and industry personnel to our shows, and it is not uncommon to have multiple guests in attendance. If you are a newer comic, there is nothing more valuable than getting feedback from an experienced industry professional.  We create time for the comic to meet the industry guest after their set for this purpose.  We recommend having them see you, as they will want to see your development over a time period. Weekend prime time spots, pro talent, low bringer requirements, packed houses, supportive crowds, DVD services, and overall quality, make our shows the industry standard.


Our industry roster who have attended and continue to attend our events:

Al Martin  (Owner Broadway and NY Comedy Clubs)

Rich Brooks (Broadway and NYCC main room booker)

Dustin Chafin  (Booker Broadway and NYCC)

Jake Plunkett (MTV New Talent Coord.)

Greg Judge (Booker, Stand Up NY) 

Gabe Waldman (Owner Stand UP NY)

Craig Neier (CEO, Catch a Rising Star) 

Suzy Yengo (Owner, Catch a Rising Star)

Tom Ingegno (President, Omnipop)

Tony Camacho (Booker, Top Draw Entertainment)

Sandy Gunar  (Avanti Talent Management)

Lakey Wolff (CESD Agency)

Steve Bix (Comedy Blast Inc.)

Joey Novick (Comedy Works)

Roger Paul (Rogue Talent Management)

Kristian Sorge (Kristian Sorge Casting)

Padraic Confrey (CBU Management)

Tony Pichette (Kipperman Casting Inc.)

Chris Silveri (Prestige Management)

Bart Kahn (Frontier Booking International)

Angela Mickey (Liz Lewis Casting)

Eric Hansen (TV Producer)

Eileen Haves (Talent Manager)

Neil Bisman (College Booker)

Sharon Klein (Events Booker)

RJ Reed (Cinematic Management)

Marta Michaud (Cinematic Management)

Jason Bercy (Talent Agent)


Thank you for your continued support of Laughing Buddha Comedy!




Jeff Lawrence

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