Boost Your Body's Healing Efforts

When your body is not operating at its best, it is easy to get angry and frustrated.  You may even begin to blame, hate, disconnect from or disown the body part, or the whole, that is not operating the way you want it to.

If this is what you are experiencing, I invite you to explore a g entler approach:  

     1.  Let go of your expectations; 

     2.  Focus inward, and send every cell of your body (or of the        part of your body that is struggling) your acknowledgement,          love and acceptance.  

     3.  Tell your body that you are a team in day-to-day function        and healing, and that you are grateful for and appreciate all        that your body is doing to find balance and feel better.  I              recommend that you say this out loud so that your ears take in      and transmit to your central nervous system your positive,            supportive words and tone of voice--this can powerfully                influence your body's entrainment with your good intentions.

You may discover that this loving encouragement of your body helps you to be more calm and present with any conditions that you and your body have to deal with, in any given moment, be they temporary or chronic injuries or illness.   

With your positive reassurance, you may also find that your body relaxes and moves just a bit further towards self-correction, balance and repair, at the level and pace that is most appropriate for its unique healing process.

Please share this information with your friends, colleagues 
and loved ones who may benefit from it and
encourage them to put their vitality first. 

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