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June 2, 2016
4Cs Objects to BOR Change on Promotion & Other Contract Accounts
The 4Cs, AFT, and AFSCME continue to press for a clearer understanding of what occurred with what is referred to as our funding "pots" or "contract accounts." These funds are negotiated dollars that are used to pay for items such as promotion, professional development, merit awards, and many others. The unions were informed in the fall that the BOR unilaterally removed money without consultation and with no advance notice. 

Please see the attached letter from our coalition attorney to the BOR about this matter. The letter asserts that "any change to the methodology and/or accounting" should be a mandatory subject of bargaining, which has not occurred and is a violation of the State Employees' Relations Act. 

Contract Negotiations to Continue
Only non-economic issues have been discussed so far, and the conversation has been productive. Please keep in mind because of contract extensions  in 2009 and 2011, the language of the 4Cs Contract has not been negotiated for almost a decade.  There are many items that have been raised since then, which requires modifying the language in the contract. We are making significant progress on improving language than needed attention. 

We are anticipating that there may be a few additional non-economic issues that we can resolve through negotiations. We have additional dates for negotiations into the summer. However, it also seems unlikely that we will reach agreement on economic matters.  For those items, we are prepared to go to arbitration, if necessary. 

The terms of our current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) stay in place until (1) agreement is reached, approved by the membership, and approved by the General Assembly; or (2) an arbitration is complete and also approved by the General Assembly. Until one of these actions take place, you are still protected by the rights and benefits provided by the 4Cs contract/CBA. 

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