Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges
October 6, 2015
BOR Exchanges Contract Proposals with CSU-AAUP
By contract, CSU-AAUP and the BOR were to enter into contract negotiations by October 1, 2015. Contract proposals have been exchanged. Please keep in mind that this is a starting point for negotiations only, but it clear that the BOR is considering any and all cost saving possibilities at this point and is clearly attempting to weaken the union

With all of this in mind, it is of utmost importance that the 4Cs enters negotiations strong and united. Please help us demonstrate our strength by signing a membership form (if you have not already done so), like us on Facebook and other social media, and attend meetings on our campuses ( calendar here). Also, if you have not provided the 4Cs with a non-commnet email address, you can update your profile here

BOR contract proposals exchanged with CSU-AAUP include:
  • A member can be moved to another University without their consent and without guarantee of tenure there
  • Librarians and counselors will no longer be hired with tenure
  • It removes the need to prove financial exigency if the administration "believes economic or programmatic conditions exist" for retrenchment 
  • Members may be fired if they break any local, state, or national law, ethical standard or policy statement, including if something isfound when routinely monitoring e-mail
  • Discipline would be entirely the control of the administration; the proposal eliminates the Mediation and Termination Committees(both of which include bargaining unit members)
    CSU-AAUP Members supporting a fair contract
    CSU-AAUP members displaying signs to support a fair contract
  • It eliminates funds for conferences, workshops and professional development
  • Class sizes can be increased for economic reasons, even if the size does not conform to "sound education principles"
  • The percentage of part-time faculty members will increase from 20% to 25%
  • Union members will not receive load credit for specialized assignments, assessment, or accreditation work
  • There will not be salary increases when promoted, for longevity, or as a market adjustment
  • Tuition benefits will be reduced for part-time faculty members and all spouses and dependents; tuition waivers will be eliminated for graduate courses.
  • The union will not be able to send email to any CSCU email accounts
  • Union officers will receive less release time for union business
For the entire contract proposals, please go to the  CSU-AAUP homepage

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4Cs Calendar

Wed, Oct. 7
Three Rivers Chapter Meeting, noon-1pm, D-102

Housatonic Chapter Meeting, 3-4:30, Beacon 331

Tuesday, Oct. 14
4Cs Retirees Meeting, 10-noon, 4Cs office, 907 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford

Wed, October 14
Gateway Chapter Meeting, 12:30-1:30, TBD

Capital Chapter Meeting, 1-2, Auditorium

Norwalk Chapter Meeting, 2:30-3:30, Culinary Arts Dining Room

Thursday, Oct. 15
Chapter Meeting
, noon-1, TBD

Tunxis Chapter Meeting, 4-5, 2-201

Friday, Oct. 16
4Cs Negotiating Committee ,   noon-3, 4Cs office, 907 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford