November 2017
BOUNCE Opening, Auction & Community Engagement! 
BOUNCE Opening Night - Three Days Away!
Opening Night of the University of Kentucky Opera Theatre premiere of BOUNCE The Basketball Opera is just three days away on November 10th!  Basketball is a simple game – get the ball in the hoop - but the simplicity of the game erodes when outside forces like money and fame challenge team ethics. Synthesizing the grandeur of operatic singing with the grittiness of street rhythms and urban hip-hop vocal styling, BOUNCE is an opera for today's world! Get your tickets  HERE!
Outreach Events
BOUNCE has done some extraordinary outreach events at Lexington, KY middle and high schools leading up to our premiere November 10th-12th. We've broadened the musical vocabulary of middle school students by using basketball drills to help them learn the meanings of musical terms vivace, andante, piano and forte, and engaged high school students in a freestyle rap jam with BOUNCE artists. We're so excited to have had the opportunity to connect with these students and share our love of opera and basketball with them.
Bryan Station High School
Wilburn Middle School
Bryan Station High School
Events related to BOUNCE The Basketball Opera received funding from OPERA America's Opera Fund. 
CharityBuzz online auction campaign
In anticipation of the BOUNCE premiere, we've added some new items to our CharityBuzz online auction campaign - an opportunity to shadow fashion photographer Sophie Elgort for a day, and a vacation package for a February ski getaway at Snowbird in Utah. Support Ardea Arts!