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When we emerge from our isolation and return to our offices, things will be different, at least initially, and likely until we have a vaccine for COVID-19. At BOX Studios, we feel it is too early to broadcast sweeping design changes to future office planning and retrofitting. Companies are going to be hurting financially and big dollar spending on unproven office upgrades seems unlikely for most organizations. This article focuses on how we can work with what we have in place, spend money smartly and where it is most effective, and outline protocols that will help everyone stay healthy while in the office. The well-being practices we have made routine in our daily lives utilizing social distancing, wearing face protection, practicing good hygiene routines should continue. Here are some ideas to consider when we get back to the office.

Below are some ideas to consider when we get back to the office as well as links to BOX Studios' complimentary printable graphic signage package to utilize in your office space.
Policies and Protocols Before Re-Opening:
  1. Gather Information
    • Survey employees about returning to work to understand the key factors affecting your work force.
    • Know your office building's protocols and procedures for safe entry to your office.  
2. Develop Guidelines 
    • Form policies for usage of shared spaces including break rooms, refreshment stations and conference rooms.
    • Establish a schedule to allow teams to safely work from the office and continue to socially distance.
    • Create a collaboration plan to help employees navigate communication among teams working both in the office and remotely.
    • Have clear protocols for visitors and deliveries.
    • Create a 'new handshake' that is unique to your work culture.

3. Communicate to Employees

    • Be clear with policies that are being implemented to make employees feel safe.
    • Provide communication channels for employees to ask questions as needed.
    • Implement signage at key locations to educate employees on policies and protocols throughout the office.
Before You Arrive at the Office:
  • Encourage employees to take their temperature daily.  If the reading is 99 degrees or higher, advise them to stay home.
  • Develop criteria for when employees are required to wear face and hand protection while at the office.
  • Stagger start times of employees to avoid crowds on public transportation and elevators.
  • Know your office building's protocols and procedures for safe entry to your office, and share these protocols with your employees.
While at the Office:
  • Require employees to follow cleaning protocols when using shared spaces (reference WELL Building Standard cleaning protocols here)
  • Maintain social distancing by:
  • implementing one-way directional circulation
  • eliminate extra seating to maintain 9'-0" suggested social distancing throughout the office (open office workstations, shared break out spaces, conference rooms and private offices)
  • Post signage reminders and instructions for the protocols 
click here for larger view
  • Eliminate seats to dedicate specific rows to one-way circulation in localized areas.
  • Stagger workstations to allow for 9'-0" suggested social distancing in all directions while employees are at their desks.
  • Replace unused seats with divider panels to provide additional protection.

enlarged view  

Support Graphics to Educate Employees:
Post 'one way' and 'wrong way' graphic signage at intersection points of directional circulation paths to make sure employees are clear on which way to go.

click here for larger view
  • Create a circular traffic flow around shared social spaces to allow for one-way circulation.
  • De-densify collaboration furniture to allow for 9'-0" suggested social distancing in all directions.
  • Provide hand-sanitizing stations at entries to break areas, refreshment stations and print/copy spaces where surfaces may be shared.
  • Consider implementing break out furniture designed for individual use such as phone booths, or other semi-enclosed seating elements with integrated tables for employees to safely continue to work away from their desks.
  • Limit the number of people in break areas to a maximum of 10 people.
  • Use disposable cups with a 'one-use policy' for water, ice and coffee machines.

enlarged view

Open Spaces
Support Graphics to Educate Employees:
Post 'separation reminders' and 'hand sanitizer' graphic signage at entry points to shared open spaces, where they are easily accessible to all employees.

click here for larger view
  • Enforce a 'max capacity' for all meeting rooms to allow for 9'-0" suggested social distancing in all directions.
  • Provide alternative options for operating doors to shared closed spaces, including foot pedals or antimicrobial handle wraps.
  • Provide hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes inside all closed rooms for employees to implement usage cleaning protocols
  • Encourage employees to utilize individual computers and wireless connections to avoid high touch surfaces.

enlarged view

Looking to utilize foot pulls and antimicrobial handle wraps?  See these links:

Enclosed Spaces 
Support Graphics to Educate Employees:
Post 'Max Capacity' signage and 'mask reminders' at entry points to shared closed spaces, where they are easily seen by all employees.
  • Enforce a clean desk policy at the end of the day for all employees, in order for cleaning staff to thoroughly wipe down surfaces.


The strategies above are suggestions based on information BOX possessed at the time this article was written. We will continue to update and publish best practices and policies as we engage with our colleagues and collaborators and gain new insights into how to create a safe work environment for all of us. Each organization will have to evaluate and determine what practices will work best for themselves and their employees. We hope this will provide you with some actionable items to implement in your workplace.

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PDF's of all plans are available for download here.
Download BOX Studio's complimentary graphic signage package here.  Print them yourself and post throughout your office based on the recommendations provided above.  

We have created this package as a small way to give back to our community.  If you would like to make a monetary contribution for the use of these graphics, please consider donating to the American Red Cross, link here.

Stay safe and well!
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