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President's Message

I am very excited and honored to assume the role of President, BPCIA. It is a privilege to serve in an organization representing an area with a long history of prosperity and success. The Board of Directors who serve for the BPCIA maintain a dedication to the association and have the best interest of members at heart.
I need to take a minute to thank Cheryl Laska for her service to the BPCIA over the past several years. Cheryl's performance was driven by the desire for continuous improvement. She recommended changes which would benefit the organization long term, while maintaining a focused but fun atmosphere. Cheryl has retired after many years with Independence Tube and 9 years on the BPCIA board. Her leadership and warm personality will be missed.
The association has a quarterly meeting program where guest speakers are invited to inform membership on key topics. I strongly encourage anyone to voice suggestions and recommendations for future speakers or topics. We have enjoyed subjects including property taxes, transportation updates, health insurance and Midway Airport expansion updates in addition to government speakers. If any member has a pertinent topic of discussion, please contact Donna or any board member with the idea and it will be considered. Again, the common good of our membership is the focus, and your suggestions are a vital part in representing your needs.
Membership is the key to the organization's success. We are always seeking new members to grow and build along with the business world in Bedford Park. If you know of any person, firm or corporation that may be interested in joining, please contact Donna or any board member.
I hope to meet you all at the next Golf Outing on August 2. I hope you will consider some form of sponsorship at the next outing to represent your business to the participants. The cost is reasonable and an opportunity to promote your business. Have a great summer season and keep it safe.
Rob Mead
A New Era Of Opportunities For Property Owners  
With Cost Segregation
The Concord Group
Remains At The Forefront Of The Nation's New Tax Law
Here at The Concord Group we have a team of qualified and experienced individuals focused on engineering-based cost segregation. You may be unfamiliar with this term and wondering how this can directly benefit your business. Well, it is important to know because of a new tax law that went into effect you can improve your cash flow significantly. Whether you are a tenant who has made improvements, an owner who recently purchased a property, or if you have owned a property for less than 30 years you can take advantage of the benefits available to you. At The Concord Group
our goal is to work with you so your business can receive all of the benefits from a cost segregation study instead of just a handful of them. This study is completed by a group of qualified, well-informed experts who will
re-categorize your assets. The end-result of this process is to increase depreciation, which reduces taxes and will increase your cash flow. Whether it is new construction or an acquisition, it is crucial you maximize depreciation deductions as soon as possible. What you need to know is size does not matter. Whether you own a small office or a large warehouse, your commercial property can qualify for a cost segregation study. As an owner you are always looking for advantages to grow and keep your business successful. Cost segregation is a leading, fundamental tool used by top businesses in the United States as part of their tax planning strategies to lower their tax liability.
By agreeing to participate in a cost segregation study we will travel to your property to inspect and document components that can be re-categorized into shorter life property. In addition to our on-site survey, we will examine architectural and engineering documents in order to maximize the benefits available to you. For example, if part of your building's cost is allocated to cabinetry and land improvements such as an asphalt parking lot, we will quantify the value of these items and provide the additional depreciation amounts. For every $1M in building cost the average building owner can receive cash flow in the first year of $60K to $150K. It is because of the recent changes in our tax laws that allow you to take further advantages of tax savings.
With a cost segregation study The Concord Group wants to get it done right. There can be a major difference between getting some of the benefits versus all of the benefits and we want to ensure your business receives all of the benefits.  
        You may be wondering if this is something your accountant is already doing for you. Unless you are aware that they have completed a study for you the answer is likely that one has not been completed. But the good news is
The Concord Group will work with you and your accountant to ensure you receive all of the available benefits. It is important to know that you may be leaving dollars on the table and with very basic information we will be able to provide a no-cost, no-obligation proposal with an estimate of the benefits available to you. As this industry continues to evolve, it is extremely important you connect with the right people with the right skills.
The Concord Group is at the forefront of helping businesses succeed to improve their cash flow. It is our goal and mission to be the top provider for cost segregation services while maximizing your benefits. We hope with this bulletin you will connect with us so we can provide a no-cost analysis. Now is the time to be at the forefront of this new tax law and here at The Concord Group we want to take care of you and your bottom line.
For more information or if you have any questions please contact our Certified Cost Segregation Specialist Steve VanSlyke. He can be reached at 312-424-0250 or


Making Customer Satisfaction a Priority

  • Davis Staffing has earned the 2018 Best of Staffing® Client Satisfaction mark for providing superior service to our clients.
  • Best of Staffing® is the nation's only award that leverages third party validated survey responses from staffing firm clients and placed talent.
  • The 2018 Best of Staffing® Client Award Winners group is exclusively for staffing and recruiting professionals who currently work at an agency that has earned this distinction. Fewer than 2% of all staffing agencies in North America earned the 2018 Best of Staffing® Award for providing remarkable service quality to their clients. On average, clients of winning agencies are 2.3X more likely to be completely satisfied with the services provided compared to those working with non-winning agencies. Davis Staffing, Inc. received satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 69% of their clients, significantly higher than the industry's average of 32%.
  • All Best of Staffing contestants went through a rigorous survey
    process with Inavero, the world's leading provider of client and job
    candidate satisfaction surveys for staffing agencies.

Top Staffing Agencies - How Did We Win?

Each year, the top staffing agencies earn the Best of Staffing® Award if
they can prove superior service quality. The competition is fierce and
whether or not an agency wins the award relies completely on the ratings
given to them by hiring professionals and job candidates.

Here's how Inavero determines the top staffing agencies:
Step 1: Online Surveys Sent
  • On behalf of each participating staffing agency, Inavero sends an electronic satisfaction survey to the staffing agency's clients and job candidates. The survey asks them to rate the agency on a scale from 0-10 based on their most recent experience and asks how likely
    they are to recommend the agency to a friend or colleague.
Step 2: Ratings Collected
  • Each staffing agency's survey responses are calculated and validated by third party research firm and competition administrator, Inavero.
Step 3: Best of Staffing® Award Earned
  • Inavero determines the minimum satisfaction score that staffing agencies must earn to be awarded Best of Staffing. Each year the minimum score for client and talent satisfaction has been significantly higher than the industry average.

3rd Annual Small Business Clinic / Expo
May 17th   
The Small Business Clinic / Expo was hosted by BPCIA, Bridgeview Chamber, Midwest Business Consulting and The Oak Lawn Chamber.  It was held at the Oak Lawn Pavilion.  There was approximately 70 exhibitors with about 200 people in attendance.  We'd like you to help us get the word out for next year.  This is a great event for any size business to showcase their product or service.  Look for information for the 4th Annual Small Business Clinic at the end of this year.  The date will be sometime in May 2019. 


BPCIA June Golf Outing

The BPCIA and all the golfers want to thank our many sponsors

June Outing Sponsors:
The Belt Railway of Chicago
Ingredion Inc.
Nexus Distribution

Hot Dog Sponsor: 
Village of Bedford Park

Beverage Sponsor: 
Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe

Beverage Cart Sponsors:
Midwest Warehouse & Distribution Company
Pempek Industrial Electric Contractors
The Weglarz Company

Golf Cart Sponsors:
At Once Printing
Magoo's Bar

Hole-In-One Sponsor:
ServPro Bedford Park / Burbank

Longest Putt: 
Nalco an Ecolab Company

Closest to the Pin:
Traylek Warehouse
Fabrication Specialties

Hole Sponsors:
Briski Hardware
Chicago Office Products
F.E. Moran Fire Protection Inc.
Jett Cutting
MidAmerica Orthopaedics
Midway Hotel Center East Campus
Midway Hotel Center - The Weglarz Collection
R & W Machine
Reavis High School
The Concord Group
Wirtz Rentals / Summit Division


Upcoming Events:  
August 2 - Golf Outing


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