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President's Message

I'd like to say thank you to all who participated in our golf outings by attending, or through a sponsorship.  We truly appreciate your support!  

During the past few months we have been working on updating our website.  I'm happy to say it is complete, and looks great!  Check it out by goin g to    You can also follow us on LinkedIn... key in Bedford Park-Clearing Industrial and follow us.  

Save the Date:  We're hosting a quarterly luncheon on November 5th at the Marriott Chicago Midway.  The topic is "Marijuana and Corporate Policies and Procedures - What Employers Need to Know".  As of January 1, 2020, Illinois has legalized recreation/adult-use marijuana.  The information given at this meeting will include best practices and strategies to protect your business.  

Hope to see you at an upcoming event!
Rob Mead
BPCIA President 
SAVE THE DATE:  Quarterly Meeting - November 5
Marijuana and Corporate Policies and Procedures
What Employers Need to Know

As of January 1, 2020, Illinois has legalized recreational/adult-use marijuana.  Is your company prepared?  Please join the BPCIA for a lively and fast-paced presentation on the impact this will have on your business as attorney Noah A. Frank of SmithAmundsen LLC shares timely and insightful information and resources.  Topics will include best practices and strategies to protect your business, including policies and procedures for dealing with impairment in the workplace, substance testing, and interaction with disability laws. 

Mr. Frank practices at SmithAmundsen, a full service litigation and business law firm.  He enables businesses to excel under increasingly regulated and taxing environments, while protecting them from harmful litigation. As the go-to legal resource and trusted business partner, he analyzes complex risks and formulates strategies for cost optimization, considering legal liability, litigation avoidance, and best practices. Mr. Frank provides practical and thoughtful advice, strategy, and solutions in a full range of employment, corporate, and workers' compensation matters, including compliance, policy implementation, and risk mitigation of wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, leave interference and retaliation claims including under the FLSA, Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, OSHA, NLRA, Worker's Compensation, and state and local laws. He advises employers on day-to-day issues such as employment agreements (including NDAs and restrictive covenants), leave and return-to-work management, discipline, disability and religious accommodation, and severance agreements. He trains management in legal compliance, and is a frequent author and invited speaker on these and other topics. Mr. Frank attended the University of Illinois where he earned his bachelors, masters in human resources, and juris doctorate degrees.  He has been peer-recognized as an Illinois Super Lawyers Rising Star each year 2012-2019.
Illinois Expands Equal Pay Act and Bans Salary-History Inquiries

HB 834 passed both houses of the Illinois General Assembly and was signed into law by Gov. J.B. Pritzker on July 31 as Public Act 101-1077. The new law takes effect on Sept. 29.
Illinois Expands Equal Pay Act and Bans Salary-History Inquiries
Wage and Benefit History
The new law prohibits employers or employment agencies from:
  • Screening job applicants based on their current or prior wages or salary histories, including benefits or other compensation, by requiring that the wage or salary history of an applicant satisfy minimum or maximum criteria.
  • Requesting or requiring a wage or salary history as a condition of being considered for employment, being interviewed, continuing to be considered for an offer of employment, or receiving an offer of employment or compensation.
  • Requesting or requiring that an applicant disclose wage or salary history as a condition of employment.
The law also prohibits employers from seeking an applicant's wage or salary history from the applicant's current or former employer. This provision, however, does not apply when the applicant's salary is a matter of public record or when the applicant is a current employee applying for a position with the same employer.
The amendment does not prohibit an employer from providing information regarding the benefits of a position or discussing an applicant's expectations regarding compensation. An employer also would not violate the act if a job applicant voluntarily discloses his or her current or prior salary, provided the employer does not consider the voluntary disclosure in deciding whether to offer the applicant employment or in setting compensation.
In addition, employers may not require employees to sign agreements that would prohibit them from disclosing or discussing information about their wages, salary, benefits or other compensation. Employers, however, may prohibit human resources employees, supervisors, or other employees who have access to employees' wage or salary information from disclosing that information without written consent from the employee whose information is sought or requested.
With the passage of this amendment, Illinois joins many other states and cities that have passed similar prohibitions on inquiries into an applicant's wage history as part of a broader effort to promote equal pay and reduce the gender wage gap.
An employer in violation of this section may be subject to:
  • Special damages not to exceed $10,000.
  • Injunctive relief.
  • Costs and reasonable attorney fees.
  • A civil penalty not to exceed $5,000 for each violation for each employee affected.
The act expressly provides that if special damages are available, an employee may recover compensatory damages only to the extent such damages exceed the amount of special damages.
Energy Markets discussed at Quarterly Luncheon 
Is There A "Best Way" To Buy Energy?

Did you know Illinois in a competitive energy market?  This means businesses can choose their electric and gas supplier and aren't captive to the area utility.  However, with over 80 competitive power suppliers in Illinois, it is hard to know which supplier to choose.  This is why the Village of Bedford Park has used Satori Energy to help make the village's power contract decisions since 2008.  Mollie VanderLaan at Satori Energy sifts through the long list of Illinois suppliers, choosing the most price competitive and creditworthy entities.  Then she advises the village on which supplier to choose and the length of contract term.
Ms. VanderLaan spoke to the BPCIA in August, explaining the market situation in Northern Illinois behind ComEd.  Market prices recently hit a low in early July.  She explained that it is best to place contracts in place at these propitious times in the market, not necessarily waiting for the end of your contract term.  Contracts can be put in place for any time period and a company doesn't pay until the actual term of that contract begins.  The Village of Bedford Park recently signed a  long term contract at their best price since 2008.  If your business has not yet examined your energy options, please contact Mollie VanderLaan at  or 847-274-9525 for a quote

Energy markets have been upended in recent years because of the shale gas revolution. Shale gas is extracted from rock formations and this form of gas is abundant in the US and can be extracted easily using the process known as fracking. Because of this new glut of natural gas, the US has entered a time of highly favorable natural gas and electric prices.

This new supply dynamic has upended many of our traditional assumptions about how to buy power. Previously, shoulder seasons were the most favorable time for purchasing since demand is lower in spring and fall. However, since natural gas is now used to heat and to generate power, no "right" season exists for purchasing either commodity. Renewable mandates and options have also changed how many consumers wish to purchase power.

How does a business understand the market and make good decisions? One way is by using an energy broker to guide them through the process. Satori Energy has guided the Village of Bedford Park for many years, and can help you too.    
Welcome New Members

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2019 Golf Season at Cog Hill

We had another great golf season at Cog Hill.  The weather was perfect, and a good time was had by all!   We could not continue these outings without the support of our members and friends.  Thank you to all, for your support by attending the outings, or by your sponsorship.  This year we had the most golfers we've had in several years... let's try to keep the momentum going for next year!    

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