Boston Police Commissioner Gross and BSAC Talk Community & School Policing
BSAC/YOB young people sat down with Boston Police Commissioner William Gross last week to discuss relationships between students and school police, positive community policing strategies, and BSAC's own gun violence prevention and awareness work, for which Commissioner Gross shared his support.

We learned of so many initiatives BPD has put into place so that young people can build positive relationships in their communities and feel safe and supported in the city. We are excited to have this dialogue with BPD and to continue to improve relationships between BPD and the young people of Boston. 
BSAC Visits the State House for 2018 Legislative Visit
In preparation for the new legislative cycle in January 2019, BSAC/YOB young people visited the Massachusetts State House to talk with legislators about financial literacy education, the #NoFossilFuel pledge, and fully funding public schools in Boston and across the Commonwealth.

Thanks to the more than a dozen senators, representatives, and legislative directors and aides we met with to discuss how to best support and protect Massachusetts young people and the planet. 

Is there something you think is important? 
Go tell your representatives!  
Everyone who is able should flex their civic muscles and talk to their representatives about things impacting them and their communities.