August 2018

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Black Public Relations Society of Los Angeles (BPRS-LA) is one of the nation's foremost organizations for professional image-makers and communications strategists. 

Since its founding in 1998, National Black Public Relations Society (NBPRS) has served as an advocate for
African-American PR practitioners. 

As an affiliate chapter, BPRS-LA focuses on professional development and connecting PR professionals throughout Southern California. 

We promote diversity of thought and talent, while providing support and education to help today's professional stay competitive in an 
ever-changing communications industry.


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Shawn Smith 

Ayanna Henderson

Whitney Patterson

Carlos Ray
Vice President of PR/ Marketing

Holly Baird
Director, PR/Marketing

Brandi Redick
Vice President Digital/Social

Whitley Yates
Director, Digital/Social

Nacilia McCarthy
Director, Digital/Social
Kenya Friend-Daniel
Vice President of Membership 

KaNetra King
Director of Membership

Melissa Mills
Vice President of Strategic Alliances 

Dr. Roslyn Satchel

Director, Strategic Alliances

Kenya Yarbrough
Director, Strategic Alliances

Rachael Golding
Vice President of Special Programs

Marilyn Dyson
Director of Special Programs
Monthly Motivation

& Netflix Host Behind the Streams Event  
Thank you to our gracious hosts at Netflix and our partner organizations for a great event! We enjoyed networking and sharing advice and information with the attendees. We hope to see you at our next event!

Member Spotlight
Meet BPRS-LA Member: Bree Jones

Current position/company or field?  I am a Public Relations Manager at Cashmere Agency - a multicultural entertainment and lifestyle agency in Playa Vista, CA. 

Where were you born and raised?  Inglewood, CA 

Which college do you attend and what is your major?  
I went to USC and majored in Public Relations at The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. I also minored in French.

What do you love most about PR? 
What I love most about PR is the endless creativity in finding out of the box ideas to move the needle and seeing these ideas translate into successful campaigns. I also enjoy the ability to use the skills of communication to impact the masses, create awareness and generate relevance for clients and their initiatives. Particularly at Cashmere, we focus on projects that target the millennial multicultural audience. As a black female millennial, it's rewarding to work on campaigns that target my own demographic, champion diversity and continue to catapult inclusivity into the mainstream. 

What kind of work are you most passionate about?  
I enjoy working on lifestyle, music and entertainment initiatives for brands. I am passionate about projects that challenge me to be more creative and force me out of my comfort zone to grow professionally.  

First job in the business? 
I had internships throughout college but my first official job out of college was at Cashmere Agency as a Public Relations Coordinator. 

Best advice you've ever received? 
It's PR not the ER :-)  Everything will work out.

Skills you've discovered have been the most useful in your field?
Always over-communicate to clients and ask questions if you're not clear. Follow your intuition. It's also useful to work cross-departmentally to utilize all resources -- you never know what you may learn and it's always great to have a fresh perspective! 

Why did you join BPRS-LA? 
I joined BPRS-LA to connect and be inspired by like minds and faces in the PR and communication industries. I love hearing about the professional journeys and stories as to how professionals got to where they are today. Considering that minority representation in entertainment and PR as a whole is slim, BPRS-LA provides a great forum of mentorship and prepares our community for opportunities in the field where we can all learn, prosper and grow. 

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