June 2018

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Black Public Relations Society of Los Angeles (BPRS-LA) is one of the nation's foremost organizations for professional image-makers and communications strategists. 

Since its founding in 1998, National Black Public Relations Society (NBPRS) has served as an advocate for
African-American PR practitioners. 

As an affiliate chapter, BPRS-LA focuses on professional development and connecting PR professionals throughout Southern California. 

We promote diversity of thought and talent, while providing support and education to help today's professional stay competitive in an 
ever-changing communications industry.


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Shawn Smith 

Ayanna Henderson

Whitney Patterson

Carlos Ray
Vice President of PR/ Marketing

Holly Baird
Director, PR/Marketing

Brandi Redick
Vice President Digital/Social

Whitley Yates
Director, Digital/Social

Nacilia McCarthy
Director, Digital/Social
Kenya Friend-Daniel
Vice President of Membership 

KaNetra King
Director of Membership

Melissa Mills
Vice President of Strategic Alliances 

Dr. Roslyn Satchel

Director, Strategic Alliances

Kenya Yarbrough
Director, Strategic Alliances

Rachael Golding
Vice President of Special Programs

Marilyn Dyson
Director of Special Programs
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President's Message
            A Message from BPRS-LA

Here's a buzz-worthy term you've heard a lot recently from a wide scope of industries. From music to apparel to sneakers and beyond. Notable collabs have boosted sales in the multi-millions, increased global reach and gained brand followers across platforms.

When is it a good time to collab in your space? Is it worth pooling your PR, Marketing, Tech, Design resources for the greater good of a team? That's the million dollar question everyone's asking either internally or in group settings.

What I've learned from my experiences, especially for some who can't wrap their heads around commitment, it's a great idea to create collabs on an individual project level as opposed to an ongoing commitment. Go after a larger individual client or a select client base. Create an app, blog, product or YouTube channel. Have fun with it!

It's always a good time to start collaborating. However, if your business is cyclical, during the weeks or quarters that are less demanding schedule a timeline with your potential collaborators with phases through launch.

As you've worked on a client or personal projects. I'm sure you've flagged someone who's amazing at copywriting, graphic design, website developers, photography, fashion, technology, etc. If you haven't started, create a list of solid collaborators now and network! Secure the bag! There's a million dollar collab out there with your name on it!

There are idea generators, individuals who are great at process and documentation, creating necessary relationships to push the project forward and individuals who are excellent at executing. Collabs are exciting, make sure your team is strong! 

Ayanna Henderson
BPRS-LA Co-President 

ConneXions Mixers

Let's Network!!! Join PRSA-LA BPRS-LA for our ConneXions Mixers on Thursday, June 28th. Four locations (West LA, Hollywood, Downtown & Long Beach) and free to attend.

Most locations will have:
● Complimentary Appetizers
● Door Prize Drawing
● A Free Drink for the First 10 People to Arrive!

BPRS-LA & Ketchum
Content & Culture Event

We had a great discussion on Content & Culture with Director Pete Chatmon, Ketchum VP Lindsay Wagner, Executive Producer Christine Sanders, Influencer Zachary Campbell, and our moderator Ketchum SVP Gur Tsabar. Our special guests shared their views and advice on creative storytelling, authenticity, and diversity. Thank you to the entire team at Ketchum for hosting us! 
Member Spotlight
Meet BPRS-LA Member: Holly Baird

Current position/company or field? Member of PR Firm Sitrick and Company

Where were you born and raised? Los Angeles, CA

Which college did you attend and what was your major? I majored in Communications, TV/Film at Cal State Fullerton.

What do you love most about PR? The ability to shift the narrative of a story

What kind of work are you most passionate about? Helping others 

First job in the business? Production Assistant on a film

Best advice you've ever received? Be yourself 

One important thing you know now that you wish you had known when you first got started in your field? Manage your health, as well as your personal time wisely. 

Why did you join BPRS-LA? I joined because of my need to feel connected and know that I wasn't the "only one" going through the same situations in various corporate settings. I find it valuable and fulfilling to utilize my resources, in order to help others achieve their goals. 

Barely Adults Web Series
Crown Hill Productions Presents...

Barely Adults Web Series
When Paige Anderson graduates from college and lands her dream job working for Kendra Hawthorne, the most powerful producer in television, she believes that hard work and charm will push her up the corporate ladder.

But when her integrity is tested, she is routinely humiliated, and she struggles to navigate the perils of office politics - she quickly learns that success is about more than hard work.

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Barely Adults Web Series Teaser

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