An Update from Affordable Energy for New Jersey
BPU hiring consultant to consult with consultant?
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities continues to avoid transparency, as we now approach a full year without public disclosure of the costs of the Energy Master Plan to consumers and the state. Yet the BPU now is hiring another consultant - this one to consult with their current consultant they are already using. We got more information from POLITICONJ:

The board issued two RFQs for contractors to help with significant matters facing the state. The first RFQ is to secure a consultant to conduct a ratepayer impact analysis of the Energy Master Plan, building on the work Rutgers started. The analysis is expected to take nine months.

So does that mean it will be nine more months until we have any more transparency on the Energy Master Plan and the real costs it will bring? Instead of hiring more consultants, the BPU should level with taxpayers and ratepayers about the true costs coming down the road so that people can make a fully informed decision.
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