BPU Misses Another Opportunity To Release Costs
At their public meeting last week, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities once again failed to provide transparency to the public regarding the costs of the Energy Master Plan. Despite this fact, they continue their misguided push to implement plans and policies they have already said they need to "go back to the drawing board" on.

We know the costs will be big as we have demonstrated through examples repeatedly, but it has now been 441 days and the public still has no information about just how large the financial burden that will be placed on families and businesses in New Jersey. What are they waiting for?
Did you know? Fact of the Week
"The heart of Princeton’s microgrid is a gas turbine capable of producing 15 MW. On sunny days, this power is supplemented by a 4.5-MW solar field (see Figure 2)."

Princeton University kept the lights on during Hurricane Sandy with their natural gas and solar microgrid.

Combining natural gas with solar is the smart way to reduce carbon emissions while improving energy resiliency and controlling costs. Learn more here.
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