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Forward Into The Light ~ August 2016

Wednesday, August 17
Membership Dinner Meeting & Program 
Summer Thyme's Bakery & Deli, 213 Colfax Ave., Grass Valley
Taco Bar: Carnitas, beans, rice, Mexican Cole Slaw, guacamole, cilantro, salsa,
 flour and corn tortillas, Coconut Lime Pie (Gluten-Free, Vegan)
Social/Networking 5:30 p.m.; Dinner 6 p.m. $21 per person -- Bring a Friend!  
Deadline for reservations: Sunday, August 14 

 Annual Scholarship Awards Event
Wednesday, August 17
Membership dinner meeting and program
us for our annual August Scholarship Awards Event! The Dolores "Dee" Eldridge Scholarship Program is the primary community-service activity of Business & Professional Women of Nevada County. Every year, we are touched to witness the presentation of scholarship checks to deserving women who, frankly, could have been any one of us if our lives had gone differently. Help us celebrate the effort that these women have made to break out of a path that wasn't working for them and to pursue additional education to improve their futures (and for many, their children's futures).
Be there to meet the new winners and reconnect with the past awardees who will tell us about their academic/professional progress and how the scholarship helped them to move closer to their goals. It is because of YOU that these women are being helped along their way. Their stories are always inspiring, moving and revelatory. There is seldom a dry eye in the house. Be sure to attend and see what your generosity has wrought. As they are proud, you will be too!
We'll see you on the 17th. Click to RSVP and pre-pay (with credit or debit card with VISA or MC logo) for this month's meeting. Pre-paid reservations are required for members and guests.

Deadline for reservations:
Sunday, August 14

Newcomers and guests are
always welcome!
Message from Co-Presidents
Lynn Wenzel and Judy McCarrick
Judy McCarrick
Scholarships Help Women in Many Ways
In today's uncertain economy, we often question how far $1000 will go. Can a $1000 scholarship award really make a difference in the life of a woman who is starting or re-entering college, or is that amount too small to count?
Here is a partial list of what $1000 can provide:
  • 40 gallons of gas for commuting to and from her campus
  • Up to 100 hours of child care for her family
  • Payment for her books, lab supplies, paper and pens
  • 50 hours of tutoring
  • An eye exam and new glasses
  • A basic laptop and software for her classes
  • Up to three months of groceries for her family of three
  • A long overdue tune-up for her car
  • Up to a month's rent for her family
  • A computer desk and a chair for her back
  • One more semester, or even two, of freedom from student loan debt
When a woman over the age of twenty-five makes the decision to start or continue her education, our BPW scholarship award can make all the difference. We know this because our recipients have told us that the $1000 they received from us was the tipping point, the exact amount that gave them the support they needed. That $1000 told them, "We're with you. We have confidence in you. You can do this."
Lynn Wenzel
Let me explain. When I was writing my second book, my husband was coincidentally unemployed. I needed to fly back and forth to the east coast to do original research.
We were taking care of parents, kids, mortgages and the usual detritus that comes with a life. I was 59, frustrated and worried. How was I going to afford to do all I needed to do to get that book written and in on time to the publisher?
I had heard about a scholarship for older women writers through a contact in the publishing business. So, I applied, without much hope that I would actually win it as they only awarded one scholarship a person per year.
Well, guess what. I won that scholarship from the Thanks Be to Grandmother Winifred Foundation, funded by, you guessed it, someone's wealthy grandmother Winifred who wanted to support older women writers without the luxury of "rooms of their own" or plenty of funds. That $4000 paid for all the expenses I incurred while writing the book, including cross-country travel and research. The money, of course, was essential.
But equally meaningful was the knowledge that the Foundation believed in me, believed in my work and supported me in it. And that has made all the difference!

In Case You Missed It...
July's program featured local cheesemaker and owner of The Wheyward Girl Creamery in Nevada City, Barbara Jenness.
Barbara shared with us her experiences raising goats on a farm in Michigan and earning a Cheese Certification from the Vermont Institute for Artisan
She moved to Nevada City from Michigan three years ago because she found the town charming, and recently opened her shop at 209 Commercial Street, where she sells a wide variety of cheeses. www.wheywardgirlcreamery.com
When asked if she sells smelly cheese, she said yes but not Limburger; she calls that type "gym-sox" cheese. Each cheese is different: all have salt except soft & processed cheeses, which are the only ones not lactose-free. Can cheese be vegetarian? Vegetarian rennet could be used.
Barbara said that the easiest and most enjoyable part of owning her shop is sharing her love of cheese, interacting with the public, and introducing new cheeses. She refers to herself as transparent, tenacious, outgoing, and a flake!
What would she do differently? Probably nothing, because she could do anything she wanted to. What is her next goal? To be retired in five years! Her advice for someone interested in following her interest, is be yourself, and "If you make cheese, do it well!"

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