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Women Left Out of History:
Giving Credit Where Credit is Due 
Wednesday, March 16, Membership Dinner Meeting & Program
Summer Thyme's Bakery & Deli, 213 Colfax Ave., Grass Valley 
Social/Networking 5:30 p.m.; Dinner 6 p.m. $21 per person  
Who Are These Women? 
Join us during Women's History Month on Wednesday, March 16th to hear from five women who never received recognition for their extraordinary courage and accomplishments.

Some of our members will portray these exceptional women and tell their stories.

Julia Hurlbut
(pictured at left), an American suffragette who was jailed while leading a march for women's right to vote in 1917. Afterward, she spent months speaking on behalf of women's suffrage before serving as a relief worker in France during World War I.

Lise Meitner, an Austrian physicist who co-led a group of scientists who discovered nuclear fission of uranium. The 1944 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for nuclear fission was unfairly awarded exclusively to her male collaborator.

Elizabeth Jennings Graham, an African-American woman who refused to get off a New York streetcar in 1854. After being thrown into the street, she sued and won her case, leading to the eventual desegregation of all New York transit systems by 1865.

Ada Lovelace, dubbed the "Enchantress of Abstraction," whose gift for mathematics included many computer concepts. She is considered the first computer programmer, but she received little recognition for her forward-thinking contributions to the field of computer science.

Alice E. Kober, the quiet Brooklyn professor whose extensive work led to solving the greatest mystery of antiquity: the Mycenaean alphabet (1450 BC), called Linear B. The credit went entirely to a man who finished the last piece of the code after Dr. Kober's death.

Invite your friends to join us for a lively evening of inspiring stories about these remarkable women!
Welcome New Members! 
Please welcome Daisy Switzer and Carol Bynum. If you see them at one of our meetings, please introduce yourself and welcome them to our organization! 
Message from Co-Presidents
Lynn Wenzel and Judy McCarrick


Women complain, and rightly so, that they often have limited opportunities to rise to the top in organizations, to lead. Breaking through the glass ceiling is a top priority for women in all professions. So where does that ascent begin? As in politics, everything starts locally, and locally is where the greatest opportunities exist. Owning our power, exercising it and creating pathways to influencing policy are all components of the leadership roles we women want and deserve. Our own Business and Professional Women of Nevada County is a perfect environment to grow in leadership. Holding an office, chairing a committee, taking charge of an event - all these are the positions that create community leadership. These activities also provide opportunities to gather with like-minded women, to become known in the community, and to network with others in Nevada County who are movers and shakers.
We invite you to participate in your own growth as a woman leader by volunteering to serve our organization with your time, your talent, and your desire to collaborate and to influence. Here's your chance to be the leader you know you are. We know it seems early, but elections for office in BPW will be held in May. The new fiscal year begins July 1. It is not too soon to begin thinking about what position you would like to hold on the new slate. There will be openings for leadership on the executive board, as well as possible openings on various committees. BPW especially needs you to consider offering to step up to the Presidency (or Co-Presidency, the most creative and fun way to lead, we think) and the Vice Presidency. BPW will also need a Secretary (thank you to Maryann, who has served so well for two years!) and a Treasurer (thank you, Lorell, for serving during the 2015/16 year). There is also Committee participation, a good way to learn the ropes, on such Committees as Advocacy & Legislation (chaired by Elaine Sierra), Membership (chaired by Emma Santa), Programs (chaired by Patricia Wolfe), and so forth. Don't worry if you are a new or relatively new member. The ropes aren't difficult and we are all here to help and support you. If you are considering this but have questions before you volunteer, call either Lynn or Judy.
As one of the most progressive organizations advocating for women in Nevada County, it is vitally important for all of us keep the energy going. It's been 97 years since BPW was founded to advocate for working women - nearly a century! Here's your opportunity to step up and bring your energy and ideas on board, just as the women who fought so hard for suffrage and equal rights did so many years ago.

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