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Quarterly NewsletterFall 2014

After a couple of threatening wintery days that were blanketed upon us, we are back to a beautiful fall!  Harvest is in the air, the weather has been pleasant, and the changing leaves are beautiful.  Summer has left us, and we are back to bus(y)iness as usual.  We are all back in full swing at our places of employment, filling our schedules with Board meetings, projects and programming, and extracurricular activities, focusing on what the last half of the year has to offer.


At a high level, our Province has seen significant change and turmoil, and I think we could all feel the sigh of relief that came following the swearing in of our new Premier, Jim Prentice.  Government officials are able to get back to doing meaningful work, addressing issues, and working to build on the strengths of our Province.


BRAED has been lucky enough to be involved in a number of initiatives this year led by the Government of Alberta including attending a roundtable for the Fifty Year Transportation Strategy, attending a roundtable for the Rural Economic Development Action Plan, contributing to the Small Business Strategy, and most recently, being part of a multi-meeting strategy that seeks to have the Government's department of Innovation and Advanced Education (IAE) and BRAED (along with the other Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs)) be more collaborative.


The REDA Chairs and Managers were invited to attend sessions that sought to help IAE and the REDAs develop an umbrella framework and mandate for REDAs.  By creating an environment that fosters a more clear understanding of the roles that REDAs play in the province, and by working with GOA to establish a meaningful, mutually beneficially relationship, we feel that REDAs will only become stronger.


Another exciting initiative that has been released by the Government recently is the Economic Development Framework.  The Framework, meant to be a high-level working document that aims to provide an outline on the strategic priorities surrounding economic development at the Provincial level, will be a useful tool to prioritize BRAED's strategies into the future.  For more information about the Framework:


Further, BRAED along with five other REDAs (AlbertaHUB, Palliser Economic Partnership, SouthGrow, ABSouthwest, and Calgary Regional Partnership), have formed a coalition aimed at developing strategies and business cases focused on transportation, infrastructure, logistics, and their relationship to economic development.  We are hoping to highlight the importance of the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor and its highways, in addition to the benefit to all of the Eastern and Southern parts of the province, especially the rural areas, in regards to developing a better understanding of transportation realities to present to the Province.


In mid-September our group met in Camrose with the assistant deputy ministers Shaun Hammond, ADM of Transportation, Justin Reimer ADM of IAE, and ADM of Alberta Tourism, Parks, and Recreation, Chris Heseletine along with Ross Danyluk Executive Director of the Strategic Policy, Ministry of Transportation, Karen Wronko Executive Director of the IAE's Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and David Kettles, Director of US Relations, International and Intergovernmental Relations.  The exposure that BRAED received from this meeting is noteworthy, and we believe significant progress was made through these discussions.


We are excited about the prospect of building on and strengthening our relationship with the Government of Alberta, across a number of Ministries, and look forward to what the future has to hold for this mutually beneficial relationship.



Warmest Regards,



Arnold Hanson, Chair

Reeve, Beaver County



Chair Bud James

EATC Chair's Update

Many of you are aware that in June of 2014, three Regional Economic Development Alliances came together to create the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor project (EATC).  This partnership had been on an informal, handshake basis for the past few years, but the time had come for a formal agreement.

The Executive of these three REDA partners (North East Alberta Information HUB Ltd. (HUB), Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED), and Palliser Economic Partnership (PEP)) recognized the many advantages of 80+ municipal partners collaborating to promote eastern Alberta to national and international markets.

From the individual community's perspective, however, the benefits may not be as clear.  So why should your municipality be excited about EATC?

Consider the following:

Today's economy is global -

  • Never before in history has there been such global exchange of goods & services. 
  • The Government of Canada has actively negotiated free trade agreements in the past, and continues to look for further opportunity. 
  • Our relationship with the Ports to Plains Trade Corridor Alliance connects us with like-minded people in several US states and in Mexico.  Business in eastern Alberta has the opportunity to capitalize on this. 
  • Our vision is "The Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor is a Significant participant in the Global Economy".

Our Core Strategies  -  Designed to benefit our membership -

  • Economic Development Advocate for Eastern Alberta - we are many voices that together can advocate for economic development issues in eastern Alberta that affect us all.  The Wild Horse Border Crossing is a perfect example.
  • Business & Investment Attraction - In concert with other levels of government and other stakeholders, we are willing to take the lead in Business Investment & Attraction.
  • Major Project Business Opportunities - There are almost $120 Billion in major projects announced or underway in Eastern Alberta, and we can help our business community take advantage of procurement opportunities related to these projects.  

The Ports to Plains Organization (PTP) -

  • The Province of Alberta became a member in 2009 and the three REDAs have been cultivating a good working relationship with PTP since that time.  EATC has, this spring, entered into a membership agreement with PTP that has two positive results -
    • o   EATC is a voting member of PTP.
    • o   Each municipal member of the three REDAs is now automatically a member of PTP.

We have been noticed -

  • We have been formally recognized with two awards (Municipal Affairs Minister's Award of Excellence for Partnerships, Economic Developers of Alberta Marketing Award for large communities).
  • The EATC project has been mentioned several times by presenters at the Rural Economic Development Action Plan consultations. 
  • EATC Executive Director Elvira Smid has recently come to our organization on a secondment from Alberta Innovation & Advanced Education - this is a significant investment in the EATC project by the Government of Alberta.

 Our Marketing Strategy & Web Presence -

  • We are working on member-specific promotional pieces, plus developing an on-line investment readiness profile for each member community.  

On the financial side, each REDA member's contribution allows us to leverage significant funds to create a total budget for 2014/15 of over $300,000.  Add to this the value of our secondment arrangement plus ongoing projects where funds are held separately, and you can see the benefit of working together on this.


To summarize, the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor project has allowed us, collectively, to be part of the economic development conversation on the Provincial, National, and International stage. 

Eastern Alberta has a lot to offer in terms of services, land prices, great communities & quality of life.  The EATC project allows us to tell our story to a broad audience, and gives our members and their respective business communities some additional tools to grow.

We will be sharing updates with you as we move forward, but I am pleased to connect with any of our membership on questions specific to EATC and its activities.




Bud James 

Chair, EATC Steering Committee 

BRAED Outstanding Summer Economic Development Intern Scholarship Grant Recipients Chosen!


We are very excited to announce the recipients of our first ever "BRAED Outstanding Summer Economic Development Intern Scholarship Grant." 


The Youth Engagement & Entrepreneurship Task Team worked together throughout the past year to develop the parameters surrounding the internship scholarship.  Originally, BRAED members agreed to offer up to a $1000.00 scholarship to one intern that showed exemplary potential, and exceeded the expectations of their community and of our organization.  All past and present interns that are either currently students, are entering a post-secondary institution, or are opening up a business in the Region were eligible, provided they completed the scholarship requirements including a short paper that addressed the following:

-        Briefly explain your understanding of BRAED

-        If you received this grant, how would these funds assist you in successfully executing your future goals? and,

-        Where do you see yourself in five years?

In addition, we required that their internship supervisor provide them with a referral letter.


We received five applications this year and had such a difficult time choosing a recipient we decided to increase the scholarship fund to $1500.00 and split it to provide two exemplary interns with a scholarship.

Meghan was a BRAED intern for Special Areas in both 2012 and 2013, providing services in economic development that otherwise Special Areas would

 not have had the human resources to complete.  Meghan exceeded all expectations, participating in numerous BRAED meetings and events, in additional to fulfilling her role as an intern in Special Areas.  Meghan is in her final year at the University of Lethbridge completing a degree in Archival Studies and intends to pursue a Master's, travel to Europe to gain experience, and then eventually focus her Archival Studies in the Battle River Region.  


Wesley was an intern in Edgerton this past summer, working closely with the business community, executing business visitations, and building a business case surrounding the potential to develop a join Chauvin-Edgerton Chamber of Commerce.  The professionalism that Wesley showed, and his ability to excel at his job in a very short period of time stood out to us.  Like Meghan, Wesley provided Edgerton with a much-needed additional human resource.  Wesley is in his final year of a Bachelor of Arts - History Degree at MacEwan University and hopes to pursue a career in municipal government, and would ideally like to be situated in the Battle River Region as he has close family ties to the area.

 Congratulations to our recipients!

BRAED submits  "Investment Attraction Capacity Project" for Alberta Community Partnership Grant  
BRAED has recently submitted a $298,000 ask to the Alberta Community Partnership Grant Program, seeking approval for an Investment Attraction Capacity Project. 

The proposed project would comprise of three major in

itiatives designed to enhance and elevate the investment attraction capacity of 29 municipalities in East Central Alberta through the di


ligent research and development of various electronic and printed materials aimed at marketing the region.  The thre

The purpose of undertaking a broad-scale investment attraction effort is to ensure that East Central Alberta has a strong foundation from which to increase its investment potential, by providing each municipality with tools to market their community to potential investors -i.e. businesses, labour force, residents. 
e major initiatives will comprise of a labour attraction focus, a regional transportation analysis, and regional marketing plan and action strategy. 


The three arms of the project are briefly described below: 


 1) Labour Attraction Initiative
The goal of this Initiative is to develop a focused Strategy and Tools that enable BRAED's 29 member communities to work collaboratively in addressing the urgent need for labour in order to fill present demand for workers, and foster future investment attraction opportunities. 
This initiative builds on previous labour attraction work, and leverages partnerships with municipalities to our north that have recently undergone a similar RCP-funded initiative.


Project would include:

-       Labour Capacity Study

-       Labour Attraction Strategy

-       Labour Attraction Content Development


3)  Regional Transportation Analysis


Transportation has been identified as a challenge and opportunity for the BRAED region. There is a lack of understating in the municipalities of how much traffic they are receiving and in what form, of what impediments and opportunities there are for regional businesses due to the transportation system, and how population growth and businesses development will determine how infrastructure development will need to progress. In short, marketing the region to new or expanding businesses requires a full understanding of how transportation system is functioning in an economic development context, and how it can be improved.


Project would include:

-       Regional Transportation System Research

-       Industry Stakeholder Research

-       Transportation Needs Assessment


3)   Regional Marketing Plan

A new marketing effort can take advantage of economies of scale involving ongoing website and marketing work for the EATC. This Market Plan builds on previous economic development work, and leverages partnerships with municipalities to our north and south that have recently undergone a similar RCP-funded initiative


Project would include:

-       Regional Marketing Plan: Environmental Scan, Marketing Strategy, Action Plans

-       Marketing Collateral

-       New Website

-       Communications Roll-Out

-       Municipal Marketing Events


For further information regarding the ACP, please contact Shay at


Recognizing Our Industry 5th Edition



Tankstore Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of oilfield storage tanks,  both single and double-walled. The size of these tanks range from small methanol tanks to 750 bbl production tanks.

Tankstore Ltd. is a privately owned company established in 2001. All the partners have many years of background experience in the oil and gas industry. This knowledge has been incorporated into the design of their products, making them very functional and operator-friendly.

Other Tankstore products include tank/separator packages, oil separators, testing unites, treaters, our G-55 Shallow Gas Production units, emission stabilizers, and our patented heating system.  Tankstore is also an ABSA Code Shop manufacturing a variety of pressure vessels.

Employees play a very important role in any company. All of their employees are local, living within 20 miles of the plant. Tankstore has a very low staff turnover rate and many of their employees have been with them since the beginning.


To learn more about TankStore Ltd:

Box 100  Halkirk, AB T0C 1M0

Phone: 403-884-2001 or 





In 1958, Alfred G. Beck invented the "Closed-Loop S.A.W. flux-slag crushing process" that crushes Submerged Arc Welding (S.A.W.) flux-slag, allowing sub-arc welders to reuse the product. His revolutionary method proved to be money saving, environmentally friendly and less dust producing. By 1963, Alfred was Crushing S.A.W. Flux-Slag fulltime. A native of Canada, Alfred opened Allied Flux Reclaiming Ltd. in Edmonton.

Eventually, his son Albert took over the S.A.W. flux-slag crushing business in Edmonton Alberta. In 1991 Albert, along with Brother Harvey opened up a sister plant in Greencastle PA (Harbert's Products) where it is still in operation today. Albert's daughter, Sherry Waldroff (Beck) joined the family business in her early 20s and took over control of the company with her husband Cody, after Albert's passing in 2009. Allied is growing and changing with the times and strives to provide the best service and product to preserve both Alfred and Albert's legacy.


As the originator of S.A.W. Flux-Slag Crushing technology, Allied has enjoyed tremendous success, due largely to the fact that their service has many positives and no drawbacks. The vision and wisdom of Alfred Beck 50 years ago undeniably changed the S.A.W. industry forever. Today, Allied is committed to keeping up with new technologies and advancements, resulting in the highest quality product available.


To learn more about Allied Flux Reclaiming Ltd.:

51001 RR 192  Tofield, AB T0B 4J0

Phone: 780-662-4001    Toll Free: 1-800-937-3589



Seeks to Engage 


After a number of discussions with the Board, and between the Chair and the Executive Director, we will be undertaking community visits to those who request it, to introduce BRAED and its current business to municipal councils.  Engagement with our councils has been something we have struggled with, but we recognize the importance and would like to carve out time to get to know councils, CAOS and EDOs, as well as the economic development priorities of our communities.


If you are interested in having Arnold and Shay travel to your community for a meeting, please e-mail ( us.


BRAED is proud to be one of the major sponsors for the upcoming Flagstaff Celebrates Success 2014 event!  The evening event was developed to recognize communities, businesses, and volunteers that make the Flagstaff Region unique.


Flagstaff County has worked to bring in high caliber speaker, W. Brett Wilson, a former Dragon's Den investor, a celebrated entrepreneur, and a philanthropist.  "Wilson is proof that it is possible to succeed in business without losing your principles."


The event will be hosted on November 5, 2015 at the Killam Community Hall, beginning at 6:00PM. 


For more information, contact the Flagstaff County Office at 780-384-4100.



Wainwright EARN Luncheon

BRAED is proud to be a major sponsor for the upcoming Wainwright EARN Luncheon to be held on November 26.

 Wainwright Economic Development will be bringing in prominent speaker from the Battle River Region, Kristen Cumming, who will discuss how every employee can assist with recruiting and retaining workers in this challenging labour market.

 For more information, or to purchase a ticket, please call Carley Herbert at 


Ports to Plains
 Annual Conference

Carley Herbert, EDO for Wainwright, and Shay Barker, along with Bud James, Chairman of the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor, will be heading to Del Rio, Texas on October 6 to represent the BRAED Region in an international context.  The Ports to Plains Annual Conference, which was held in Medicine Hat two years ago, is a forum for international networks to be built. 


Ports to Plains, a non-profit advocacy group, and the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor (EATC) have recently signed an MOU that provides the EATC with a Board seat on the Ports to Plains Board, and in turn, provides all members within the three Regional Economic Development Alliances with a complimentary membership.  We are very excited at the prospect of this growing partnership, and are thrilled to be able to bring back knowledge and information from this upcoming conference.


This year Ports to Plains has announced the introduction of its inaugural Economic Development Coalition as well, which many of us will be attending.  Because of this new partnership, we are sharing in the value of understanding transportation in terms of economic development value and growth.  We are poised to be a part of this coalition, and think it will open many doors for conversation and partnership.


Featured Events

 October 7-9


Annual Conference, Del Rio, TX


October 21 


Business Walk


October 21-22 

Special Areas 4, Consort, Veteran Business Walks



October 23 


Business Walk


November 5 

Flagstaff Celebrates Success, 6PM


November 13 

BRAED Executive Committee Meeting 1PM


November 13 


Task Team Meetings

 2:30PM - BIA/Youth

   4:00PM - Marketing


November 13

Meet N Greet
Forestburg 6PM



November 26 

EARN Luncheon, Wainwright 

11:30AM - 1PM


December 4 

BRAED Board Meeting, 

10AM - 2PM


December 4 

BRAED Member Community Priority Roundtable

2PM - 4PM