March 16, 2018
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Mark Your Calendars
Upcoming Events

March 16 and 17 at 7:00 PM
WPC Play-- Hook
March 21
Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 23
Spring Fling for 7th/8th Graders
March 30-April 7
Spring Break!!
"Strange but True Creature" Writing Workshop
This fall, the third through sixth grade students had the opportunity to join the Writers in the Schools program, led by George Mason University graduate writing students. These fellows worked closely with the Westminster students to study and write about strange but true creatures. 

Through research, video files, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live cam, students researched creatures that are so weird that their stories had to be told! With an introduction from science writer Jason Bittel, a writer for NatGeo, the students gained insights about what it means to be a science writer. 

Through their research and writing, the students learned about the Japanese Spider Crab, hummingbirds, reindeer bioluminescence, zombie spiders, and the electric eel. The writers also had the chance to experiment with research techniques to identify useful information to use in a NEWS OF THE WEIRD story. Finally, the students transformed their writing into a fiction piece where they used their new creature expertise to write riveting short stories starring their creatures. Check out the highlights in the video above!  

Finally, the students enjoyed a wonderful celebration where they shared their writing and received special awards for their writing and efforts. What a wonderful way to celebrate the students’ achievements. Next up will be a fiction-writing class for third through sixth grade students as well as a sensory writing class for the second graders.

Don't Miss the WPC Performance of Hook Tonight and Tomorrow!
Don't miss this weekend's performances of Hook ! The Westminster Parents Club Players have worked for weeks to prepare a great show for you! There promises to be lots of swashbuckling humor, coupled with "Westminsterisms" that only a Griffin audience can truly appreciate. Great refreshments will also be served. The Westminster Parents Club has been putting on a Parents' Play for over two decades. This tradition has shown the students that their parents value the theater program at Westminster and that they are willing to overcome their fears to get up on stage. This is our devoted Mr. Dillon's very last show as Director. He has been a dedicated player for nine years and has directed a total of seven shows! He and the entire cast deserve a great audience. Both Friday and Saturday night's shows are at 7:00 PM. C'mon-- Get Hooked!
Students Celebrate Pi Day
The 6th graders discussed what Pi is and why it is always 3.14..... They explored circles and the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of every circle. 

Mrs. Fowler read the 5th grade the story “The Dragon of Pi” and held the Pi competition to see who could memorize the most digits of Pi. The results were quite impressive! In 5th grade, Hussain came in 1st place with 181 digits and Santhony came in 2nd place with 79 digits.

In 6th grade, 1st place went to Hudson who memorized an astonishing 1,067 digits! 2nd place went to Jibril who memorized 346 digits.

The 5th and 6th graders also all celebrated Pi day during lunch with special treats- cookie pies!
2nd Grade Visits Colvin Run Mill
As part of their study of early America, 2nd graders toured three learning centers at Colvin Run Mill and discovered how local 19th century producers and consumers — the farmer, miller and storekeeper — used natural, human and capital resources to their advantage.
2nd graders investigated how a lever can make work much easier and how the location of the fulcrum impacts the amount of force needed to do the work.
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