BRE Datsun News #056                                                                             January 12, 2018
Our 2018 Schedule is Shaping Up and New Products Continue to Roll In 

Our schedule for 2018 is filling up! We're thrilled about the exciting events we'll be participating in this year and we provide details below. We also have more models to share, including for the first time ever, a model of BRE's 1973 Baja 240Z racer! One of my favorite cars even though it wasn't particularly well suited for Baja with its long nose that I couldn't see over while climbing hills.

If you've been following our models you know they are the hottest thing going and the collector market has gotten a bit out of hand. We're implementing some new procedures to get more models into the hands of BRE fans and away from model flippers just out to make a quick buck. We've also come out with a new shirt and to make room for it we're blowing out the remaining discontinued shirts we have. Details below.

We've also been doing some things with Mecum Auctions and ask which auctions you might like to see us attend.  And we share highlights from our activities last Fall.

It's starting out to be a very special 2018!
Peter Brock (and Gayle)
BRE Models
How to prioritize BRE fans

Let's start with the hot, hot topic of the day... BRE models. We met the owners of Burning Rubber Toy Company last year and they confirmed that  BRE models are some of the hottest on the market these days. We can tell! The last couple of BRE models we've offered sold out in hours, if not minutes. The last model we offered got posted on a model collector's site and we could tell the moment it did. We were getting 5 orders every 30 seconds. By the time many BRE fans got to the newsletter and went online to get a model they were gone.
We are not a model reseller. As part of our "deal" with model makers we get a very small number of every BRE model that is made in order to offer it to BRE fans.  "BRE Fans" not model flippers. Several of the models we last offered were quickly posted on ebay. One purchaser even posted the model on ebay before we had shipped his order! The last of these models posted on ebay sold for $1225. Sure we could increase the price to discourage these opportunists but then our fans couldn't afford them. So we're implementing some new rules.
We are going to list models as "pre-orders" with a shipping date a few days later. In the days between the order date and the shipping date we are going to evaluate each order as follows:
1)       Orders by people who have sold/listed their BRE models on ebay within a short period of time after purchasing them from us will be cancelled
2)       Orders that do not comply to our terms will be held to be fulfilled only if there are models left after all other complying orders have been filled (e.g. "if" we list a quantity limit and a person orders more (whether on one order or by submitting multiple orders)). If you have a special need just contact us.
3)       Orders by people who have been jerks will be cancelled (e.g. the person who got their order filled because we pulled him a model out of our own collection and he then demanded a refund on his shipping cost as we didn't ship him the model the same day he ordered it... "no soup for you!").
4)       BRE fan orders will be filled first! We will try to identify BRE fans as follows:
       *   You have ordered items from us before (only purchasing models in the last year  
          won't  count)
       *   You have been on our newsletter list for more than a year

       *  We know you. For example, you've e-mailed us in the past or you've been to a BRE 

          Open House


The flippers will work hard to get around these rules but we'll do our best to get YOU, our BRE fans, our models.
BRE's Open House Last Fall
Great cars, great people!

An amazing group of people and Datsuns joined the fun when we  held our second annual BRE Open House last October, in conjunction with the Multi-State Datsun Classic. What an amazing turnout!  Peter Brock and John Morton each picked their favorite car and the worthy owners received Award Medallions.  Brock's favorite was Herbert Cano's burgandy 510 (below left).  Morton's favorite was David Witt's red 510 (below right). 

Mark it on your calendar and join us this year. October 5th!
John Morton and David Witt
John Morton, Herbert Cano, & Peter Brock

Discontinued Shirt Blow-Out
At $9.9 we're sure to make room for the new 3 Champs Silhouette shirt!

We're down to our last few discontinued shirts and we need the space! We're trusting that at
$9.95 each (no matter what color or sleeve length) you'll help us move these out. And at that price, who cares if we have your size? Frame it! Give it to a friend! Or do what we do and keep it in your closet as a "drawer collectible" (-:  Click on the shirt of your choice below.

510 Legend shirt
  Small: 3,  Large: 4
XLarge: 9,  XXLarge: 2
XXXLarge: 2
240z Legend shirt
Small: 4

510 "Big Deal" shirt
Youth Small: 1
Adult Large: 4 

240z 40th Anniversary
Short sleeve: Small: 7
Long sleeve: Large: 5
240z Championship Wreath
Small: 9
240z wreath t-shirt
510 Championship Wreath
Small: 5

Small: 9  (short sleeve ONLY)
Social Media Expansion
We're now on Instagram

For those of you on Instagram you can now follow us on  Instagram here .  
We will of course continue to be on  Facebook here.
2018 Schedule
Some really cool events are scheduled

We encourage you to visit our  full 2018 schedule here
  to stay current and see all of our activities, not just the BRE Datsun related events we share below.
April 7 - Danforth, CA:
I will present " BRE's Japanese Automotive Race History" at the beautiful
Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA. We have you to thank for making this happen! 

I've presented twice before at the Blackhawk (on the Corvette and Daytona Cobra Coupe) and each time a contingent of BRE fans and their Datsuns have attended, telling the museum director that they needed me to speak on BRE's race history. It's now happening! Let's show the Blackhawk some amazing attendance. And... if you happen to miss out on the models below, we have been able to purchase a few more which we are saving to take to this event for the Blackhawk store to sell.
April 27-29: Mexico City
I am so pleased to be participating this year in the Diecast Convention in Mexico City. Several years of my childhood were spent living in Mexico City. I'm looking forward to going back and visiting with BRE's fans in Mexico! Rumor has it a special BRE model will be made available at the show. ¡ mira los detalles aquí!
August 12: Riverside, CA
Diecast Show. This date has just been solidified for a Diecast convention in Riverside, CA. Check back on our schedule here for when details are available.
October 5: Henderson, NV
BRE's Annual Open House. We had an amazing turnout of Datsuns at our Open House last year. Join us October 5th, 2018!
*NEW* 3 Champions Silhouette T-shirts
A new angle on a popular design

Our most popular shirt is what we call the 3 Champs shirt which shows the Championship BRE Datsun 2000, BRE Datsun 240Z and the BRE Datsun 510. The details are extraordinary right down to being able to read the decals on the cars (see here at right). Also popular were the "silhouette" shirts we made separately of the BRE Datsun 510 and 240Z (both shirts now discontinued, and remaining stock on sale below). 

For our next shirt we decided to combine these great shirts to create our new 3 Champs Silhouette shirt (seen here at left). They just arrived today and they look great!  If you don't have it already, check out the traditional 3 Champs shirts here 
Where's Kit?
BRE's Mascot is literally, always "in the picture"

We noticed Kit appears in many of our photos. We share this week's "Where's Kit" pic on #whereskit as she supervises the loading of two new Aerovault trailers to be transported to KY and OH respectively. Can you find her?
First Time Ever... Model of the BRE Baja 240Z
Greenlight continues to impress us with their quality!

We are pleased to announce two new, special models. 

The first is a 1:64 scale model of the 1970 BRE #46 Datsun 240Z Championship car (left on top row) driven by Champion John Morton. In this convenient 1:64 scale we are offering 46 numbered (1/46 to 46/46) models autographed by John and myself. The folks here want me to let you know they hear your recommendations and the BRE numbered seal is now a hologram based on your requests. Go here to order

In addition, we received 4 very limited "chase" models (top row, right). Chase models come in special colors and this version sports a striking metallic green. BRE numbered 01/04 to 04/04, number 01/04 goes into our collection. The other three chase cars are being auctioned on ebay here.
A first... the 1973 BRE #300 Baja Datsun 240Z  (bottom row, left). This is first time a model of this special BRE car has been made. It even has the spotlight on the roof! (a complexity that might explain why no one has attempted to make this model before). For our track races I focused on managing the team but for Baja I had to join in on the fun and drive. I drove this BRE Baja 240Z in the Baja 500 in 1973.  In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Baja 1000 we are offering 50 numbered (1/50 to 50/50) models autographed by the driver, Peter Brock (-: Don't wait... order this special piece of history here.

We also received 4 very limited "chase" models of this car in special green and red metallic paint. BRE numbered 01/04 to 04/04, number 01/04 goes into our collection. The other three chase cars are being auctioned on ebay here 
In Closing
We are very excited with the plans for 2018. It promises to be our most enjoyable year yet!
We hope to see you somewhere soon,
Peter and Gayle Brock
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