HIRA's National Director Willes Lee
Elected to NRA Board of Directors 

CONGRATULATIONS to HIRA's National Director Willes Lee in his election to the National Rifle Association (NRA) Board of Directors.

Votes from gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates from across the nation have been counted. Willes Lee is the very first person to be elected from Hawaii to the NRA Board.

His amazing victory is the result of a tireless campaign involving cross-crossing the country to gun shows, political events, media appearances, gathering endorsements, and mastering the new frontier of social media.

Over the past four years, HIRA has been exceedingly fortunate to benefit from Willes Lee's hard work, valuable experience, leadership and wisdom.  Indeed, the entire HIRA team has been incredibly proud to assist the Lee campaign over the past year in achieving today's victory.  And now, our friends at the National Rifle Association will also benefit from their new association with Hawaii's own 2nd Amendment champion and committed conservative Willes Lee.

On behalf of the officers and members of the Hawaii Republican Assembly, HIRA sends its very best wishes to our dear friend and colleague Willes Lee.  Congratulations for your victory!!


Here is a link to the comprehensive press release from Lee's campaign about his swearing in:

Willes K. Lee sworn in by NRA Secretary John Frazer at the headquarters of the National Rifle Association of America in Fairfax, Virginia

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