BREAKING NEWS :  For the second time in several months, disgraced former state representative and violent RINO Richard Fale was apparently used by detractors of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) to send a threatening and violent message to (HIRA) for the organization's active role in exposing extensive and documented Democrat Party infiltration of the Hawaii GOP . . . corruption which directly correlates to the party's deliberate mismanagement and continued losses at the polls.

Earlier today (Monday) near the airport, the Honolulu Police Department got involved after several HIRA officers, including its president Eric Ryan, were followed, stalked and assaulted by former Representative Fale in apparent retaliation for HIRA's exposure of how Fale's political allies from the Democrat Party have infiltrated the Hawaii GOP in recent years, months and even days.
Today's shocking incident occurred (probably not coincidentally) less than 48 hours after HIRA revealed that Tea Party Republican and (now) GOP traitor Kym Pine was directly involved in donating and redirecting significant sums of both Republican and Democrat Rail Cartel funds to multiple Democrat candidates in order to defeat a variety of state and local Republicans on the November 8th ballot.

Perhaps more upsetting to Fale and his closet Democrat string-pullers was that HIRA just revealed how the Democrat campaigns in 2016 to unseat Sam Slom and Andria Tupola -- as well as the Democrat campaigns to beat back 2016 GOP challengers Bryan Jeremiah, Charles Djou, and Marc Paaluhi -- were being coordinated and directed by Richard Fale's VERY OWN campaign consultants who HIRA discovered are top officers of the Oahu Democratic Party.

One is Charles Djou's former full-time legislative aide and former deputy campaign finance director Kainoa Kaumeheiwa-Rego.  The other is Beth Fukumoto's now former legislative analyst (as well as Richard Fale's chief fundraiser) Tania Kehau Cortez-Camero.  Both also held formal positions until recently in the Hawaii GOP leadership under Miriam Hellreich.

Today's violent incident
took place on the eve of the 2016 general election at approximately 1:00 p.m. and lasted for more than half an hour at which time multiple police officers responded to the sceneAccording to HIRA's Ryan, "Fale shouted endlessly about how HIRA should shut up about his Democrat friends' roles in controlling and undermining the GOP and that he could 'beat up all three of us at the same time'.  Then he set about trying to prove that by shoving our older, gray-haired national director in the middle of a crowded parking lot and then prevented him from attempting to leave by physically blocking his car door for 10-15 minutes until police arrived.  It's obvious that Richard 'nothing to lose' Fale and the people he works for really want HIRA to stop exposing the deep and longstanding corruption which keeps the Hawaii GOP in the toilet, election after election.  Fale was violently upset that HIRA names names and exposes the overwhelming evidence which might inspire all Republicans to take back their party from these closet Democrats who answer to folks like Fritz Rohlfing and Miriam Hellreich."

Arrests were not made since officers did not witness the violence and the sustained harassment.  However, extensive video, audio, witness statements and still photos have been furnished to the state attorney general, the city prosecutor and HPD.  Despite Mrs. Fale's violent attempt to jump out of the couple's SUV in order to charge HIRA president Ryan's and grab his camera and destroy the video evidence while their baby cried helplessly and loudly from inside their vehicle.  "Ms. Fale kept yelling without success at Mr. Fale to get back in their car so they could flee the scene before police arrived.  That's when she suddenly rushed me and tried to grab my iPhone.  She and her husband must have substantial personal, political and possibly even a financial commitment to silencing HIRA seeing that they knowingly put their child and themselves at risk of a premeditated violent encounter like this; all to protect the Democrat infiltrators of the Hawaii GOP," added Ryan.  "Child Protective Services might need to get involved with this thug and his undisputed accomplice spouse.  With corrupt leaders like these, it's no wonder our party is in so much disarray."  According to the HIRA officers, HPD quickly determined and acknowledged that Fale was the aggressor in today's attack in the course of their investigation.

Prosecution of Fale is still pending in the matter of the previous attack by Fale on HIRA president Eric Ryan which took place before multiple witnesses in May 2016, just days after HIRA exposed then-secret plans by Fritz Rohlfing and his sidekick Andrew Walden (the party's rules committee chairman) to surprise delegates with a sneaky maneuver to extend the terms in office of all party officers of the Hawaii GOP by one full year -- through May 2018 -- even though it was already clear that Team Hellreich and its puppets Rohlfing, Walden and others were leading the party to a decisive rout in 2016.  The measure was voted down by a 4-to-1 margin by state convention delegates.  Also prior to the state convention, HIRA had exposed (to the chagrin of violent RINO Fale) how Rohlfing and Hellreich and other party leaders had no 'ground game' nor funds nor strategy nor messaging in place to win 2016 races.

At that same state convention, RINO Fritz Rohlfing appointed Fale to be 'convention secretary' (in the wake of Fale's extremely disappointing tenure as Rohfing's appointed county chair for the Honolulu GOP).  Fale started his day sitting at a table on the riser near Rohlfing's podium.  Following the infamous (and well-deserved) booing offstage of Fale associate Beth Fukumoto (whom HIRA had earlier outed as being in cahoots with Democrats plotting to unseat Sam Slom and several other Republicans), Fale suddenly appeared and assaulted Ryan while shouting negative things about the work of the Hawaii Republican Assembly in exposing Democrat operatives in the Hawaii GOP.  According to Ryan, "Fale claimed that he knew I was the one who blew the whistle on him and Democrat consultant and GOP infiltrator Dylan Nonaka and turned them into the Hawaii Attorney General's office in regard to Fale's and Nonaka's apparently illegal campaign finance schemes and fraudulent reporting which so far has cost Fale $1,500 in fines and statewide embarrassment for the guilty verdicts."

For the rest of the day , Rohlfing appointee Fale stalked, harassed, assaulted and physically threatened Ryan; continuing his severe misbehavior the entire time that Ryan walked several long blocks from the convention center to where Ryan's car was waiting (and where multiple police officers were again called to intervene) and where Fale's spouse magically showed up in their vehicle to again help thug Fale to flee the scene.  Even though Fritz Rohlfing had been repeatedly alerted to the violent and threatening behavior of Fale as the bizarre day progressed, Rohlfing didn't seem to care.  At no point did Rohlfing eject Fale from the event.  Instead, Rohlfing looked the other way while Fale got even more out of control in front of multiple witnesses over the next several hours at the state convention.

The timing of these premeditated attacks by Fale -- a longtime known associate of party chairman Fritz Rohlfing, party treasurer Mary Smart, and many other state and county GOP leaders -- raises the logical question if the GOP Hawaii party leadership team known as "Team Hellreich" and/or Fale's local Democrat associates were behind these attacks.  Clearly, an undeniable pattern has emerged.  "At the time of the first incident," Ryan remarked, "I thought Fale's motive was mostly retribution for his belief that I was the cause of his political and legal troubles by exposing his and his associates' corruption.  After today's incident in which Fale magically just shows up out of nowhere, knows exactly where we are and then attacks and says the things he says, I know there's something more at work here."
HIRA will continue trying to fix the Hawaii Republican Party , despite the repeated assaults and repeated threats of violence.  Indeed, HIRA will showcase an upcoming "autopsy" of the Hawaii GOP's missed opportunities and mismanagement and infiltration during the two years since the 2014 General Election.  Moreover, HIRA will present an Action Plan for speedy improvement of the Hawaii GOP, once it can be wrested away from closet Democrats and RINO's who caused the Republican decline over the past two decades.
Ryan concluded his statement by promising , "With HIRA consistently and factually exposing the nexus between Democrat Party activists infiltrating the Hawaii GOP and specific Republican Party officers, candidates, consultants and elected officials, HIRA will not be deterred by violence and threats from RINO Fale or any of his other closet Democrat buddies."

Clearly, Democrats and liberals and RINO's are desperate to keep the Hawaii GOP small and under their control for another two decades.

But with your help in the months ahead,  HIRA will drive out these infiltrators  and  renew our party's promise to save Hawaii with the reform-minded, conservative policies which only a strong GOP can deliver .

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