RINO's Finally Admit to Bankrupting the Hawaii Republican Party (VIDEO)

Aloha, Republicans:

You'd better sit down for this .  As usual, HIRA will have to break this really bad news to you because party leaders at Kapiolani Blvd. deliberately keep you in the dark about their chronic incompetence and corruption.
No wonder Democrats feel safe in Hawaii.  Unless you were one of the mere 350 delegates (out of 2,000+ eligible) who went to the state convention three weeks ago on Kauai, you didn't get to see or hear this mindblowing report which helps to explain why the GOP isn't even trying to beat Democrats.
Watch this secret 2-minute video right away.   Then ask yourself why this information is being kept hidden from you by Hellreich and her puppets.

[**video credit:  Mahalo to HIRA fan and Oahu League leader Pam Smith]

That's right, party leaders REFUSE to let you see this official state party Treasurer's Report because they want you to think everything's just peachy.  But it's NOT.  They've run the party into the ground and have flushed donor money down the toilet with excessive administrative overhead . . . accounting for 100% of all monies spent.  None of your donations were used to try to win elections, nothing spent on communications, nothing spent lobbying against bad legislation, nothing provided candidate support.  All funds you generously donated to the Hawaii GOP were blown on overheadEvery wasted penny.
These revelations are stunning. 
Deceitful party leaders told you that HIRA was wrong and that everything was okay .  But after years of lies and deceptions, they finally had to admit HIRA was right about the RINO's bankrupting the partyWHY???  Because Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki wanted a new puppet to lead the party, so they needed to blame the old puppet.  Hellreich, Saiki and their puppet treasurer Smart only complained about party finances a mere two months before the state convention -- once they decided to run a candidate against their boy Fritz Rohlfing.  Yes, Miriam and Pat grew tired of Rohlfing, so they handpicked the malleable faux conservative Shirlene Ostrov.  In fact, Miriam and Pat made sure that the nearly all of the officers of the Oahu League of RINO Women became the new officers of the Hawaii GOP by flying over to Kauai virtually the entire membership of the Oahu League as delegates to install their officers to serve simultaneously as the party's new officers.  That tells you all you need to know.
Party treasurer Mary Smart finally decided to come clean three weeks ago.  And HIRA believes that you deserve to hear the truth.  Actually, it's even worse than Mary Smart lets on.  That's because RINO's are still in charge of the Hawaii GOP today and for the next two years.  HIRA thinks the final accounting of party finances will be even worse than Smart admitted; with the state party in a massive hole created by 17-year executive committee member Miriam Hellreich and 4-year executive committee member Pat Saiki's.  That's why state treasurer Mary Smart herself said she was going to donate her personal money directly to candidates instead .
As longtime party member "Big Mike" Palcic says in the video above, "We need new leadership in the party.  I'm afraid the same clique has been running the party for a very long time."  And that 'very long time clique' run by Miriam Hellreich and the RINO's from the Oahu League, together with tax-hiking, big spending RINO's in the legislature, are destroying any hope of a Republican majority in Hawaii.
HIRA was right all along.  It's time to drain the swamp.  RINO party leaders have no intention of taking the fight to Democrats.  They've brought the number of elected Republicans to the lowest point in recorded history.  And they've bankrupted our party while smiling and clapping about it.
Why would anybody donate to a party still hijacked by masters of disaster Hellreich and Saiki, no matter who their puppet chair is?  According to our Oahu League friends**, the leadership team of Hellreich and Saiki decimated party finances to the lowest point in Hawaii GOP history -- engineering massive financial problems which are years in the making.

Until RINO's are gone from party leadership posts, the Hawaii GOP is a TERRIBLE investmentUntil these closet Democrats are all gone, donating to the Hellreich gang is the equivalent of flushing money down the toilet.


Yesterday, the final edition of the Willes Lee Report was published.  This monthly report has been MUST READING if you want to understand what must be fixed at the Hawaii GOP.  And the Lee Report definitely went out with a bang.  Just check out this excerpt below about party finances.  Shocking!!  You can click below to read both parts of the June 2017 edition of the Lee Report in their entirety.
-HRP FEC  HRP end of April is RED. Receipts 9,527 + 0 RNC bailout + 0 state transfer. FEC Sustaining Donors: 0 Exec Cmte (no Rohlfing, Hellreich, Ward, Ostrov, Tupola, nor anyone), 0 district chair, only 3 members!  When leaders don't buy in, don't expect others to do soDisbursements $16,840 is ALL admin overhead & 0 for elections.  CoH down from 58.8k to 51.5 means that CoH for operations = 16k with 35.4k in building account.  They say CSC has 13k County funds in the total nearly 30k (which begs question of why none was transferred to the Fed account).
Pay outs= 3,010 James salary+1,683 payroll tax, 1,476 mortgage+2,591 building maintenance+288 utilities, 280 phone, 152 cable, 754 copier rent, 150 MailChimp, and a whopping 1,527 compliance consulting, 2,875 facility rental, and 1,777 General Liability insurance.  ALL overhead, ZERO expended on elections and messaging.  Deferred the accounting charge, cut out health insurance, and no office supplies.
Six+ years you've read it here: STOP. PUTTING. HARD. MONEY. IN. YOUR. SOFT. MONEY. ACCOUNT.
Rohlfing goes out as a bust.  Even with the (canceled) LDD pre-sales, his final month is deeply in the RED.  Right about now, Ostrov is fining out that the party is in worse shape than she thought.  Rohlfing bought expensive Liability Insurance (which Smart had canceled) a month late - Ryan's lawsuit is a not covered 'pre-existing condition'.
Waiting to see Ostrov budget, whether to do LDD or return donors' $, how she'll cover Rohlfing/James losses, and most important, if she begins to message and build a victory fund.  You'd think she'd have a budget, you know, the budget delegates should have asked to see before voting.
Mortgage account evaporating as now in addition to 1,476 mortgage, HQ pays building maintenance and utilities = 2880 this month.  Mortgage due is reduced by only $1k to 66.5k, which becomes $100k+ as HQ uses the building fund for other expenses, plus any maintenance which may rise.
Assisted suicide, HRP-style. For 2017 Rohlfing, Hellreich, and Ward (R/H/W) FEC report shows 40k receipts with 63.8k disbursement i.e. 23.8k RED even with their big January event and LDD sales.

Lee Report - June 2017 (full version)
Mahalo to Willes Lee for years and years of dutifully chronicling and exposing the deep, deep, serious problems and problem leaders plaguing the Hawaii GOP.  Good luck to Willes as the newest member of the NRA Board of Directors.
And Mahalo to all Republicans for caring enough about the future of Hawaii to stay informed about how RINO's have kept the Hawaii GOP on the sidelines, giving Democrats a free ride election after election and even more free rides at the Democrat-run legislature, county councils, and on our delegation to D.C.
Help HIRA keep the pressure on our mismanaged, corrupt, and bankrupt state GOP so that we can someday have a RINO-free party that enthusiatically takes the fight to the Democrats rather than rolling over and playing dead.  Join us today and change Hawaii tomorrow!

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