The June issue of our Erie Echo newsletter is now available online. There is a good deal of interesting information about this year's crop of political candidates, among other things. Please check it out ASAP. We hope you will think the information is important enough to share widely with others!

The printer is currently working on the snail mail version. The old ink and paper newsletter is still very important. While only about 300 people ever open these E-Mail Updates, we are able to place the print version in the hands of over 5,000 people and families across northwestern Pennsylvania, three times a year.

We are stressing the importance of the print version, because it is probably going to be a lot more difficult than usual to get this issue in the mail. We have become quite dependent on high school service hour volunteers in this regard. With schools closed and service hour requirements cancelled, we are going to need a lot more help from our regular People for Life members and volunteers. Oh! And will be a rare, six-page edition, so the center page will have to be manually inserted.

Please let us know if you might be available to help. Work will begin sometime next week, in compliance with the Covid-19 orders, of course. Please be aware, though, that the newsletter assembly work can be a little exacting. A good eye or good pair of reading glasses and a reasonably steady hand is needed.

Thank you!