Californians for Life News March 26th, 2020 
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11 California Planned Parenthood locations have CLOSED until further notice!
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11 California Planned Parenthood centers have CLOSED until further notice due to the Coronavirus.   Staff indicate this may last until at least the end of April.  

Meanwhile, California has over 90 Planned Parenthood abortion centers still open. 
See what you can do to save lives below!

CLOSED Planned Parenthood centers include: City Heights in San Diego, Corona , Eagle Rock in Los Angeles, Manteca,  Modesto,  Planned Parenthood 

Some states are working to STOP ALL ABORTIONS due to the pandemic.  See the great news from  Ohio, Texas,   Maryland,   Louisiana , and Mississippi !

What can you do to help save lives during this time of "sheltering in place"?  

1. Pray.  Although the 40 Days for Life was suspended due to the virus, you can still pray for an end to abortion.  Here are the 40 Days for Life Daily Devotionals.

2.  Find your nearest Planned Parenthood  or Family Planning Associates abortion business   and CALL THEM!  Use the *67 prefix before their number to retain your privacy, so that they cannot identify your phone number.    

Here are some ideas about what to say and ask of the abortion staff:
  • Why are you still open during this crisis, when our whole state is under such strict "stay at home" directions?
  • Do you care about the safety of women? 
  • Do you even care about protecting your own staff?
  • Especially now when people are dying and we are all making every effort to save lives, how can you keep working for the world's largest abortion business, which is dedicated to killing babies and hurting women for a lifetime? 
  • Encourage the abortion business staff to watch the movie Unplanned (The website to recommend is
  • Let the staff know that there is a whole ministry dedicated to helping them leave the abortion industry. Recommend they take a look at and 
  • Encourage the abortion staff to watch the Center for Medical Progress videos at
  • Let them know that there is help available for anyone who has been hurt by abortion at
  • Be kind.      

Californians for Life   is your one-stop information center for pro-life events in our state, united together to end abortion!  
Californians for Life have eight Statewide Workgroups, including Cultural Outreach,  Schools/Youth/Campus Outreach,   Closing Abortion Facilities,   Pregnancy Clinics and Centers,   Churches,   Pro-Life Medical Workgroup,  Voter Education/Political Advocacy/Public Policy, and Messaging/Media/Marketing

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