Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) has been working tirelessly with the Governor’s office on concerns our members have brought to us. Last night the Governor released Executive Order 2020-25 in response to our communication with her and her administration. MPA was not made aware of the documentation requirements prior to the release of this order. W e recognize there’s additional improvements to request however, we are pleased that the Governor listened to MPA and Michigan pharmacy leaders to enact this order in a timely fashion. MPA will continue to advocate on behalf of the profession. In accordance to Executive Order 2020-25 , pharmacists are authorized to:  
  • Dispense 60-day emergency refills of any non-controlled substance maintenance medication. Note that the order requires the pharmacist to notify the prescriber in writing if additional refills are dispensed. 
  • Operate in an area not designated on the pharmacy license, but may not compound sterile medications at this location.
  • Dispense or administer drugs to patients with COVID-19 pursuant to CDC and NIH established protocols or protocols determined appropriate by the chief medical executive of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).
  • Substitute a therapeutically equivalent medication for a medication that is experiencing a shortage. Note that the pharmacist must notify the prescriber in a reasonable period of time of any changes.
  • Supervise student pharmacists remotely to fulfill eligibility for licensure and avoid delaying graduation.
  • Supervise pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy staff remotely as long as there is a real time, continuous audiovisual equipment in place to allow this. This exception does not apply to remotely supervising pharmacy technicians compounding sterile or nonsterile compounds.

The Executive Order also recognizes pharmacies and wholesalers holding a license in good standing in another state as being licensed in Michigan. In addition, the Executive Order mandates prescription coverage on emergency refills from all insurers and health maintenance organizations. It also requires for early refills of all maintenance medications to allow for up to a 90-day supply to be dispensed by a pharmacy.

Executive Order 2020-25 is in effect until April 22 at 11:59 p.m.