Dear South Jersey Jewish Community,

Please join us this Sunday, May 23, at 12:00 pm in the Katz JCC parking to show our South Jersey community's support of peace in Israel. Following our program, we also invite you to join us for a Pro-Israel Rally in Philly at 2:00 pm. More details below under "Upcoming Events."

BREAKING NEWS: We are relieved to hear that Israel and Hamas have reached a ceasefire. However, we are saddened by the lives lost and we look forward to peace in the region. Read more about the ceasefire here as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

UPDATE ON THE VIOLENCE IN ISRAEL: More than 4,070 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza since Hamas began its attacks last week. Of these, 610 (about 15 percent) fell short and landed inside the Hamas-controlled Strip. In one attack on Thursday morning, Hamas attacked a bus used for transporting soldiers with anti-tank missiles. One soldier was lightly injured. Several rockets also directly struck a number of houses in Sderot late yesterday, causing damage and leaving a 72-year-old man with moderate injuries. 

Overnight, the IDF continued its attacks on Hamas' "metro," - the underground system of terror tunnels built across the Gaza Strip. In recent days, the IDF has destroyed some 70 miles of Hamas tunnels. The IDF continued to send warnings to civilians before striking targets in Gaza. 

When the hostilities began, World ORT's Kfar Silver Youth Village's day school closed and hundreds of day students remained at home with their families due to the school's proximity to the Gaza border. However, around 150 boarding students and essential staff remained on site, spending their nights in the village's bomb shelters. Some days, there were nearly constant sirens and almost nonstop rocket fire from Hamas. There are two Iron Dome batteries located near the village, so the students were keenly are of the many exchanges of fire underway.

Please read here for a full report from JFNA earlier today.
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