Council Member Karla Cisneros' Statement:
New Developments in Josue Flores Case
June 18, 2019-- Josue Flores’ family has endured an unimaginable and devastating loss. So has the community, and so has everyone who was shocked and horrified by Josue’s brutal murder. Three years later, the breaking news today of the arrest of the suspected murderer brings both hope for justice for Josue, and renewed and profound grief for his loss. 

This morning a Grand Jury issued an indictment against suspect Andre Jackson in the murder of Josue Flores. By 11:15 am the suspect was apprehended and arrested in Baytown and is now in police custody. Minutes later, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced the arrest at a press conference that can be seen here . Jackson will be arraigned at 9 am tomorrow morning in the 263 rd  District Court of Harris County.
New advances in science and technology since Josue’s murder 3 years ago, have allowed for more sophisticated testing that now links solid DNA evidence to the suspect. The District Attorney emphasized that if the DA’s Office had acted prematurely years ago and pursued a trial with less conclusive evidence, it could have jeopardized a successful conviction. Moving forward with strong evidence against the suspect puts the prosecutors in a much more powerful position, and a case that will stand up in court.
We’ve never given up. I want to thank the Flores family for their faith in the system, the community for their patience, and all the law enforcement agencies who have worked together collaboratively. District Attorney Ogg, Chief Acevedo, Mayor Turner, and I will continue to seek justice for the murder of Josue Flores.