Dear Neighbors:
We hope this finds you and yours happy and healthy during the Great Quarantine of 2020. It seems a lifetime ago when we trooped down to the County offices in February to watch as Monserate Winery's Major Use Permit was approved unanimouslySince then, the COVID lockdown has caused enormous loss and pain and San Diego County's  unemployment rate  to soar to 30%.
Businesses are just now starting to reopen and our County Supervisor Jim Desmond is issuing updates that are very much worth watching . He needs your input and support as he tries to balance risk vs. reward.
VERY IMPORTANT: A key hearing about the highly controversial Lilac Hills Ranch development is scheduled to go before the County Board of Supervisors on June 24. As you may recall, voters overwhelmingly rejected Lilac Hills Ranch in 2016 (63.54% voted NO ). 

A prime example of sprawl development (1,700 units proposed for back country land zoned for 110), San Diegans overwhelmingly oppose Lilac Hills Ranch because this mega-development is fire unsafe and in conflict with the County's General Plan. It will devastate precious raw land in rural North County even as tens of thousands of square feet of shuttered retail space next to transportation corridors is ripe for repurposing.
Now the County Planning Department staff and the County Fire Authority have determined that, due to fire safety concerns, the Lilac Hills Ranch project is unsafe. They have recommended denial of the project! This is an amazing turn of events. Remarkable! However, the Planning Department's Commissioners ignored this recommendation and approved the project, passing the Lilac Hills Ranch hot potato along to the Board of Supervisors for a June 24th vote. 
This is where you, the citizen, come in. It is crucial that you take a few minutes to submit your comments to the Board of Supervisors. Use this link: 
For clarification, you need to click on "SUPPORT" to support the Board's vote to DENY the Lilac Hills Ranch project.
Yes, it's confusing so double check your work and VOTE SUPPORT to DENY the Lilac Hills Ranch project. 

Please forward this email to your friends. We'll also post it on our website at SaveGirdValley.com
On the lighter side, Daring Greatly is providing music LIVE (online) from a house in Gird Valley! We really love this group and hope you do too! After all, we are always "daring greatly" in Gird Valley! The Daring Greatly broadcasts   are free but they are very appreciative of your donations to www.daring-greatly.com.
Boogie on, friends, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!
The Volunteers at 

Monserate Winery's vineyard, to Gird Valley's western ridgeline,
morning February 1, 2019. 
Working together for the revitalization and preservation
of beautiful Gird Valley...