BREAKING NEWS! San Diego County Planning Commission unanimously approves Monserate Winery's Major Use Permit!
At a hearing on the morning of February 21, San Diego County's Planning and Development Services' Commissioners approved Monserate Winery's Major Use Permit (MUP) unanimously, 6-0!

Supporters of Monserate Winery with Jade Work and his Major Use Permit! Feb 21, 2020

In the audience were Gird Valley residents who carpooled south in a show of support for the project and its owners, longtime Fallbrookians Jade and Julie Work.
Brad Jordan and Teresa Platt spoke on behalf of and everyone stood at one point to be recognized. Our positive presence made a difference!
The Planning Commission's approval of the MUP is the culmination of the arduous and expensive multi-year CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) process
After the CEQA public comment period closed December 23, County staff recommended a "negative declaration" on the MUP.

The County issued notices to residents ringing the project site and many took the time to comment, noting that the project replaces the Fallbrook Golf Course which operated from the 1960s and closed in 2016. Feedback to the County was overwhelmingly positive and a hearing date of February 21 was set.
THANK YOU to everyone who submitted comments supporting the revitalization of Gird Valley via the Monserate Winery project and a big thank you to those who took time out of their busy lives to travel south to the hearing.  You made a real difference and should be very proud of your efforts!

Now that the MUP is approved, the construction phase begins. The building design and engineering plans will be finalized, grading permits secured and, hopefully, an official ground breaking this summer with Supervisor Jim Desmond and all who spent years making this project a reality and saving Gird Valley!

With the construction process in sight, we look forward to gathering together at the gorgeous new building and toasting our beautiful Gird Valley! 

Congratulations to all involved...especially to Jade and Julie Work for their vision, hard work and commitment to our community!

The Volunteers at 

Monserate Winery's vineyard, to Gird Valley's western ridgeline,
morning February 1, 2019. 
Working together for the revitalization and preservation
of beautiful Gird Valley...