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Resignation Of Louis Araneta From The Commission On Appellate Court Appointments

Commissioner Louis Araneta has officially resigned from the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments.

"Yesterday, I called for Commissioner Araneta to resign from the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments because of comments he made last week citing an applicant's Christian faith as a disqualification for service on the Independent Redistricting Commission," said Cathi Herrod, Center for Arizona Policy President. "Today Commissioner Araneta resigned.

Public officials, whether serving by appointment or election, are accountable for their statements and actions. Today's resignation by Commissioner Araneta preserves a critical principle central to our government: that religious faith and service should not be and is not a disqualifier for public service. Denying or challenging a person's ability to participate in public service because of their Christian faith is contrary to the ideal of religious liberty secured by the United States Constitution."

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