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BREAKING NEWS: Assault Weapons Ban Found Constitutional, Stamford Mayor to Join Mayor's Against Illegal Guns, Wisconsin Gun Seller to Face Jury, and more!  There's lots of news to sink your teeth into this month as we roll out a new format for delivering you the latest and most urgent news and actions to end gun violence in our communities.

We've set up some teasers for you below, and each link will take you to our new NEWS section on our website.  This should make our news stories easier for you to read, whether you are at your desktop or on the go on your mobile device.  And you'll be able to access them more easily as well, without digging through your email to look for the articles again.  Plus they'll be a cinch to share, and you know how much you love Facebook.  Admit it.

So get ready to transform guns into music, tell John Boehner you want background checks on all gun sales, tell VISA to stop funding the NRA, and speak up with #MyVoice to your local news editors.  Ready, Set, CHANGE!


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Federal Judge Upholds CT Ban on Assault Weapons
Connecticut Governor Danell MalloyBREAKING: The United States Circuit Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Connecticut ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines signed into law by Governor Dannel Malloy on April 5, 2013. 

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Stamford Mayor to join Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Stamford Mayor David Martin STAMFORD, CT - Mayor David Martin, who said during the mayoral debates that he would join the national Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition, is making good on his promise.  Mayor Martin will be signing the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Statement of Principles later this month (date TBA) alongside members of The ENOUGH Campaign, Stamford Police Captain Richard Conklin, city Board of Representatives, and Stamford residents whose lives were personally affected by gun violence.

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Gun Laws and School Safety:
You're Invited!
CAGV fundraising event, gun laws, school safety
Rally in Greenwich, CT for Team 26's ride to DC!
Greenwich Rally to Support Sandy Hook Ride on Washington
BREAKING NEWS: Badger Guns Finally Facing a Jury!
Badger Guns Shooting Range Wisconsin WISCONSIN - Badger Guns, the top seller of crime guns in the country in past years, is going to have to face a jury ... and the Brady legal team!  After decades of supplying the criminal gun market, Badger will finally be forced to explain its sales of crime guns in a public trial.

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Artist Transforms Guns To Make Music - Literally 
Reyes artist guns into musical instruments
"Reyes believes art should address social issues like gun violence, even when they're difficult and controversial. 'We have to be allowed to ask questions' he says.  'If you are not allowed to ask questions, you are not free.' "

Let's make music together... 
Be the Influence! 
Write Letters to the Editors!
It's time to be the influence.  MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. 
Write a Letter to the Editor. 

VISA: Stop Funding the NRA!
VISA is helping to pay for NRA lobbyists who advocate against common-sense policies like background checks on gun buyers, and for dangerous legislation that would force K-12 schools, colleges, places of worship and businesses to allow the carrying of loaded guns on their premises.

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TIME SENSITIVE: Amnesty for Gun Owners?
urgent Many gun owners failed to meet the January 1st deadline for registering assault weapons and large capacity magazines.  Now they are asking for amnesty because they contend that their paperwork was not processed in a timely manner by the U.S. Mail.

CAGV makes it super easy to write your legislators: CLICK HERE to find out how!
Take Boehner's Priorities Survey:
survey Don't miss this opportunity to tell Speaker John Boehner we want background checks on all gun sales!

Take his simple survey and let him know what you think.
Turn NRA Tweets into Dollars for Anti-Gun Violence. 
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The ENOUGH Campaign
2013 Year in Review
The ENOUGH Campaign Annual Report 2013 Year in Review
Click here to read online a full report on The ENOUGH Campaign's activities and accomplishments in 2013.
Introducing... the NEW
The ENOUGH Campaign website! 
the ENOUGH Campaign, gun violence prevention
  A New Look!  Easier Ways to Take Action!

The ENOUGH Campaign announces our new website, www.theENOUGHcampaign.com.  Same URL, new design.  Check out our home page and menu, which includes links to ways to take action, facts about gun violence, links to our social networks, a special memorial section, and more. 

Please visit us and pass on the link to others! 
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Formed by local moms from Fairfield County, CT just days following the Newtown shooting, The ENOUGH Campaign's mission is to protect our families and our country as we advocate for more public awareness on the issues of gun violence prevention in America. Through legislative advocacy and community education, we champion stronger gun laws and aim to transform public perceptions of gun safety.

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