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Please note that for the coming weeks Worship will only be available ONLINE. Your engagement with us from the safety of your home in praise, prayer and in the proclamation of the word of God is coveted and appreciated.

Please watch this informational video provided by Pastor Jeff on how to access Technology Enhancements at that includes direct access to:

Sunday, March 22 :

  • Family Time Activities - Faith Community Church has partnered with Family Time ministries to provide weekly activities. Follow the blue link and sign up to receive weekly activities in your personal email. Hard copies will be available in the Gathering Area on Sunday mornings: Family Time Ministries Click on this link for a copy of the first Family Time Activity 1
  • Communion - As is our practice during the Lenten Season and during Holy Week, the church will refrain from the provision of Communion
  • Offerings Online - As a service to the congregation, offerings can be provided through an online portal on the church website at: Donations payable to Faith Community Church can also be provided by check and mailed to: Faith Community Church 6228 S. Carr Court Littleton, CO 80123

Thank you all for your prayers, your personal engagement in healthy practices, and in the demonstration of the life of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth during this important season.

Celebrating the Journey,

Jeff Allen
3DM Certified Coach, Hub Leader / Denver
Lead Pastor
Faith Community Church
6228 S. Carr Court
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