BRHD COVID-19 Testing Updates
Change in Test Resulting Process
On Tuesday, September 7th, BRHD began processing COVID-19 tests through the DCLS lab. This lab change impacts testing sites conducted by BRHD, including those at local health departments and Fashion Square Mall. BRHD made this change in labs to provide COVID-19 test results more efficiently.
This change will effect how people receive their COVID-19 test results, effective immediately, as follows:
  • Negative results: Individuals will receive an email with their negative test results. This email will be confidential and HIPAA compliant.
  • If you do not have an email, BRHD will call you with your negative results.
  • Email is the quickest way to receive results.
  • The email will be in a format for individuals to print as documentation of a negative test result.
  • Positive results: You will still receive a phone call if you test positive for COVID-19.

All test results, regardless of result, will be available within 72 hours.
Change in Age Limit for COVID Testing
Starting September 13, 2021, BRHD is lowering the age limit for testing at all BRHD-conducted community sites to ages 6 months and older.
COVID-19 Testing Reminders
UVA Health will continue to offer testing every Monday and Tuesday in Charlottesville and deliver results through MyChart. Results that were previously available in MyChart will remain accessible to patients needing documentation or confirmation of results. 
As a reminder, individuals can schedule a free COVID-19 test with BRHD by calling our hotline at 434-972-6261 (open Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm).

Upcoming test sites can be found on the BRHD Testing webpage.