On March 16, 2020 the DWC and WCAB announced court appearances would be limited due to the public health concerns regarding COVID-19. Specifically:

a) March 17 through March 20: Only Expedited Hearings would be heard, with all other hearings to be rescheduled;

b) March 23 through April 3: Only Expedited Hearings would be personally heard at the WCAB District Offices. All other types of hearings to be conducted through Court Call or otherwise rescheduled. No Trials or Lien Conferences will be heard during this time; and

c) March 17 through April 3: All WCAB District Offices will be closed for filing purposes, with any filing deadlines extended to Monday April 6th. However, petitions and settlement documents can be filed via EAMS during the filing closure period.

[COMMENT: This posting was highly expected by the workers' compensation community. Presumably there will be an updated memo on court procedures and the status of hearings as we approach April 3rd.]