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BRING ON 2021...

As I replaced my 2020 calendar with a brand-new 2021 calendar, I realized last year’s calendar was all about “BIRDS” - a thought that was not lost on me. After all, 2020 really was for the birds!
On January 25th, 2020 Canada’s first case of COVID-19 was confirmed at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.
“You have to remember, at this time, this was still
the epidemic phase of the outbreak. The virus
was only circulating in a few parts of the world,
countries were only seeing a few imported cases.
We didn’t know this was a moment in history.”
-- Dr. Jerome Leis,
Sunnybrook Medical Director of Infection,Prevention and Control

Who could have known that, one year later, following strict COVID-19 health and safety protocols would become a way of life for all of us. While we may not like it much, we must adhere to these new rules until COVID case numbers drop and it becomes safe enough for us to ease back into a new normal way of living.
This global pandemic is affecting each one of us differently; it seems likely we will emerge with a heightened appreciation for the important things in life, like visits with family and friends, dining out, sports events, kindness and hugs.

With new insight, we are realizing the important things in life are not things!

simply yours...

Choose a random act of kindness and make a difference in your life and the lives of people around you.
Start thinking about it now, and you'll be ready to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week - February 14 -20, 2021.
Here are 21 ideas to get you started……
  1. Pay a compliment to a person you meet on the street.
  2. Bake cookies and deliver them to a neighbour who doesn’t get out much.
  3. Let someone merge in front of you in traffic…and smile!
  4. Write a glowing review of your favourite local business. Post it on social media.
  5. Donate a warm jacket, scarf or mitts to a nearby shelter.
  6. Send a Valentine’s Day card to someone special.
  7. Give a generous tip to a delivery person.
  8. Call someone and enjoy a nice, long phone visit.
  9. Lend a friend a favourite book. Suggest they share it when they're finished.
  10. Buy a take-out dinner from your favourite local restaurant.
  11. Reconnect with an old friend.
  12. Speak kindly to yourself... and others.
  13. Strike up a conversation in the elevator
  14. Let somebody else take the really good parking space.
  15. Leave the quarter in the shopping cart.
  16. Give a Gift Card to someone just because…
  17. Pick up groceries for a neighbour.
  18. Buy a gift from a local small business.
  19. Send an e-mail to say you’re thinking about someone.
  20. Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger... or a friend!
  21. Send flowers anonymously!
In a world where you can be anything,
be kind!
Safety remains our first concern. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Divas are committed to being there for you, your family, our staff and our communities. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay connected!

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