June 2019
Temple Shalom Brotherhood connects the men of Temple Shalom to
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18 Tuesday                        27 Thursday
Board Meeting                    Guy's Night Out
7:15 @ Temple                     See Ad


11 Thursday                        15 Monday
Guy's Night Out                    Board meeting
See Ad                                      7:15 @ Temple
The New Board!
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President - Steve Weintraub
VP Admin - Roy Flegenheimer
VP Programming - Jim Warner
VP Membership - Bob Landers
Treasurer - Paul Preite
Finance Director - Louis Marx
Recording -  Ron Wichter
Corresp Sec'y - David Arndt
  I grew up with an Orthodox upbringing, kosher home, Shomer Shabbos. parochial school, et al… Ironically, counter to what one might think, I’m finding the decision making for some situations under Reform Jewry to be more difficult. There are grey areas and trip wire situations that have come up for me from time to time.
   Case in point, it’s the job of the Brotherhood Prez traditionally to plan the Installation and Awards Dinner annually, which I did a few weeks ago. I also get to choose what type of food we order and I chose Barbecue. It also was my responsibility to choose an invitation format to send out to all Brotherhood members for the event. I’d never worked with Evite before. They had one Barbecue themed format under their Free services which was great, I’d thought at the time. So, I chose it for that reason. However, I did not pay close enough attention to the graphic at the top of a Hog that was considered by some to be a “trief” image and improper for a Temple related event. And I certainly heard feedback about that. I gaffed! I’m guilty!
  Several years earlier (I might as well bring this up as well), I’d ordered pizza for an Israel Today Symposium gathering the Thursday evening before our Sunday event, as we’d transformed our building and classrooms into a conference center. In record time, I might add. But some of the pizza I’d ordered had (oh noooo!) pepperoni on it. That was brought to my attention at that time as well (and since). And my final admission, we’d had two years ago an invitation stuffing event on a Saturday morning for an upcoming Shalom Awards event. I was informed later that was a violation of Reform Shabbat rules.
   Don’t get me wrong... I am highly sensitive to my fellow congregants’ feelings and respect their feedback as they’re being sincere while making me aware of these transgressions. It does though bring to light how much easier in some ways ironically how my life under Jewish Orthodoxy was once upon a time simpler as EVERYHING is forbidden. Back then, the answer was simply almost always, NO! Nonetheless, I love being a Reform Jew. It’s wonderfully suited to my spiritual and philosophical needs and ever-growing viewpoints. It’s not always easy though deciphering its grey areas which I continually find intriguing and challenging.
   As you’re reading this we begin our Brotherhood 2019-20 annual dues signup year. Please join me and the League of Extraordinary Mensches, Menschen and Menschlach! We begin our 2019-20 expanded programming year with our outreach, our donations, our breakfasts, our softball league, fantasy football, youth scholarships, Second Seder and much more. We’re also planning exciting new programs with an emphasis on our Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) affiliation in mind.
   Get involved as your time merits, attend programs and activities of interest or simply provide your financial support to keep us vital.
  Sign up conveniently through the link provided: https://tinyurl.com/joinbrotherhood
   Brotherly Yours,
Steeeve Weintraub
     A Hebrew teacher stood in front of her class and said, "The Jewish people have observed their 5,759th year as a people. Consider that the Chinese, for example, have only observed their 4,692nd year as a people.  Now what does it mean to you?"
   After a moment of silence, a student raised his hand. "Yes, David," the teacher said. "What does it mean?"
    "Well," David replied "It means that the Jews had to go without Chinese food for 1,067 years."
Beginning in August
Guy's Night Out
 will be changing its name to the
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   We need ushers. Greeting people is essential for making our congregation a warm, welcoming community. 
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    Temple is also looking for Friday night greeters. If you are able to welcome people and shake hands (and arrive by 6), please sign up: Greetings!
We thank the following for volunteering this month...
  Thank you to Nathan Axelrod for organizing the Brotherhood Installation Dinner. Once again the food was great. We appreciate all the hours Nathan spent taste testing the brisket and chicken.
 Great job by Rick Cohen, Mark Fishkind, and Bob Weinfeld for handing out scholarships.

 Kudos to Steve Weintraub for serving as Brotherhood's representative on the temple's Staffing Model Task Force.
Are You Kidding Me?
Tom Thumb
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Wichter Leaks
     Congrats to Brotherhood for once again showing its remedial reading skills as Dennis Eichelbaum had to try four times to read the name Sisterhood at installations. It was as if he was trying to avoid the name "Voldemort."
   Brotherhood finally found a way to make Ken Glaser speechless...almost. Mazel tov on Ken's induction into the Brotherhood Hall of Fame.
    And kudos to Steve Weintraub for the double play, having nearly forgotten to introduce both the Rabbi and the Cantor for their blessings ... obviously we are a group that is confident that We are on a Mission from God.
     We thank Nathan Axelrod for bringing tasty Rudy's Barbecue to its first Temple event. Still not sure what that bean salad thing was; we hear it was a secret recipe from Ancient Mesopotamia. As you know, the Mesopotamians were known for their cuisine. 
  Finally, we welcome Laurel Fisher as the new Sisterhood President. We also thank the outgoing Sisterhood President, Ann Weintraub, and congratulate her for a job well done, especially considering the albatross she had hanging around her neck for a "first husband!"
Mensch of the Month
Meet ...
Brotherhood Installations and Awards Night
Congrats and Mazel Mazel
2019 Mel Sacks Scholarship Winners: Daniel Feigenbaum & Ashley Spiegel.
2019 Bob Weinfeld Scholarships to Sydney Kort & Ariana Baskin.
2019 Scholarship Award Winners were presented by Rick Cohen, Mark Fishkind and Bob Weinfeld, whose ages coincidentally combine to nearly 2019.
Mind if I Mention Menschen?

We at the BRO were recently reminded that the plural of Mensch is Menschen. We just want our readers to know that we actually do know the plural, and that we liberally use Mensches as plural because it is meant to be irreverent, just like the BRO. So if you are relying on the BRO for your source of grammar or news, you have as much chance as those that believe Fox or CNN have no biases.
That said, we would like to point out that we are no worse than other newsletters. When we read about Havurahs , not only should they be Havur ot (the proper plural), but the word for friend is Ch avurah (a chet, not a hey), so they are doubly mangling the word.
So if you chave a Chavurah, or you mention Menshen, you are correct. If you don't, then you are probably spelling it the Temple Shalom way. But that still does not make us reform ed Jews. We leave that to the shape-shifters.
Brotherhood Board Meeting

All members are invited to come and learn about Brotherhood activities, Tikkun Olam projects, Fundraisers, and join in the fun as we plan the next raucous Brotherhood program! We are always looking for fresh ideas. So get active! Meetings held at Temple Shalom. Toga optional.
   June 18  July 15  Aug. 19
 Why at 7:15? Why not?