Dear Investors and Community Partners,

In July of last year, our economic development team first made contact with the manufacturing company, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). 

The company sent site selectors and executives to the region in search of their next location for a manufacturing operation. While in town, our economic development team, lead by Marcos Delgado, gave BRP white-glove service, showcasing our region's best assets and providing company executives with the most salient details about why our region is the best choice for BRP. 

Today, after nearly a year of assistance, data crunching, and configuring real estate options for BRP, we are proud to share that BRP is opening a new factory in Cd. Juárez! The factory will create  1,000 new jobs  and is a total investment of nearly  $180 million

Every step of the way we worked closely and partnered with Desarrollo Económico de Ciudad Juárez A.C. Álvaro Iván Bustillos Fuentes and his team at Desarrollo have proven to be tremendous allies in moving our region forward as one. 

I'm so proud of Marcos Delgado, Tony Ramirez, Kassandra Huhn, and Karin Rios from our economic development team and everyone at Desarrollo Económico. They worked incredibly hard on landing this project for our region. 

Despite the constant drumbeat of bad news and the challenges of the COVID economy, our region is making tremendous strides. Moreover, with the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) going into effect this week, I expect to see even more projects like this in our region soon. 

Thank you for your generous support and belief in our mission. Without you, news like this would not be possible. 

Jon Barela
The Borderplex Alliance
Álvaro Iván Bustillos Fuentes
Desarrollo Económico de Cd. Juárez
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