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If you haven't looked at our new BRX PLC from AutomationDirect, here's the top ten reasons why BRX PLCs are better:

  1. Value that's hard to believe. Starting at just $199.00
  2. FREE industry-proven software
  3. Customized communication
  4. Integrated motion on multiple levels
  5. Built-in data handling and storage
  6. Flexible hardware to meet your needs
  7. Time-saving PLC simulator included for FREE
  8. Easy software interface helps get it done
  9. Trouble-free troubleshooting
  10. Fortified with American pride 

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Picture ProSense DPG1 digital pressure gauges are ideal for industrial and general purpose applications requiring an accurate and reliable device with easy to read digital display. These DPG1 gauges have a 4-digit, 2" x 3/4" LCD display and 2-button operation. The backlight display turns on when the on/off button is pressed and has a continuous on display option or a timeout option to save battery life [...] ...»

Picture NITRA NCP Series electro-pneumatic transducers convert a 4-20 mA current signal (I) from a PLC or other controller to a linear pneumatic output pressure (P). These NITRA I/P transducers are rated for installation in NEMA 4X (IP65) environments and approved for hazardous locations. The NCP series I/P transducers are available in output pressure ranges up to 120 psig for industrial pneumatic and [...] ...»

AutomationDirect | Continuous Flexing Industrial Cat5e Ethernet Cable

Picture Continuous Flexing Industrial Ethernet Cable Overview DataMax Extreme Ethernet cable from Quabbin® has a specially designed jacket developed to survive the many industrial hazards that commercial jackets will not. The DataMax cable jacket is pressure extruded over the cable core, "locking" the conductor pairs in place. [...] ...»

Picture IronHorse shaft mount gearboxes (speed reducers) feature shafts and gears manufactured from the highest grade steel, case hardened and precision ground to AGMA standards for long lasting durability. The gearbox shafts have reinforced double lip seals to protect against contamination and prevent oil from escaping; premium ball and tapered roller bearings provide smooth operation and lower noise [...] ...»  

Picture Traditional limit switches are limited in terms of accuracy and repeatability. These cost-effective, ultra-precise mechanical limit switches from Metrol® have repeatability down to 10, 5, 3, and even 0.5 microns (µm) depending on the specific model. Along with their high precision, these stainless steel limit switches are also some of the smallest switches/sensors available. [...] ...»
ADVANTECH » Premier Partner
Advantech's TPC-5000 series are the first panel PCs to feature a modular design. This allows the computing modules to be interchangeably combined with various display modules to create flexible solutions according to specific usage requirements.

Equipped with a 6th generation Intel® Core™ i processor for high-performance computing, CODESYS software for multiple fieldbus communication protocol support, and iDoor and PCIe modules for flexible expansion, Advantech's TPC-5000 series of panel PCs provide the ideal solution for diverse control applications. Learn More


Moxa » Premier Partner 
The data packets that are sent in Ethernet-based communication can be categorized into unicast, broadcast, and multicast. There are numerous redundancy protocols available that can help network operators build a reliable network for unicast and broadcast communication. A good indicator of the reliability of a network is how fast it can recover from an error when transmitting data. For many years, RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) has been widely used across the networking industry to prevent loops on Ethernet networks. When an error occurs on the network, RSTP may require around 10 seconds to rectify the cause of disruption. In comparison, Moxa's network recovery technologies, Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain, can redirect to the backup path in less than 50 ms. For mission-critical applications, Moxa's technologies are extremely beneficial because they help avoid downtime and allow data to be continually passed along the network even when there is an interruption. Posing a more difficult challenge to network operators is how to ensure reliable communication on multicast networks.  Learn More

IDEC » Distributor 

Picture The BA series of terminal blocks features a one-piece construction that makes installation very simple. Available in current capacities from 10A to 40A, all models are made from UL94-V0 material for excellent flame and heat resistance. All models mount onto standard 35mm DIN rail. Fuse holders for 1/4 X 1-1/4 size fuses include optional blown fuse indication. [...] ...»


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