March 2024

Regulators Focus on Digital Banking's BSA/AML Compliance Issues

Regulators are finding Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering compliance deficiencies after banks have added new technology capabilities or complex partnerships.  


How to Divorce Your Fintech Partner

Bank Director’s Banking & Fintech Editor Kiah Lau Haslett explores why and how banks would want to wind down a fintech partnership with Richard Malish, general counsel at New York-based Community Federal Savings Bank, and Andrew Grant, a partner at Ketsal PLLC.


Lessons for Banks of All Stripes

Regulators are paying closer attention to banking as a service banks and fintech clients, signaling heightened concerns about potential risks in the system.


The OCC Head Discusses FedNow and Open Banking

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael Hsu says fraud is a primary challenge with instant payments and shares his philosophical take on bank regulation.


How Digital Maturity Can Defeat Silent Attrition

There are four ways institutions can leverage digital banking solutions to improve customer retention and mitigate silent attrition.


Leveraging Technology to Stay Ahead of Fraud

With fraud at an all-time high, banks should develop a centralized fraud-prevention strategy in response.


Artificial Intelligence: A Real-World Approach

The latest FinXTech research report digs deep into how financial institutions could approach artificial intelligence, including potential projects, data hurdles and where the regulators stand.


The Deal on Fintechs provides a monthly snapshot of movement within the financial industry. Below is a list of last month's fintech and bank acquisitions and IPOs linked to source material for more information.




There were no IPOs in the month of February.

May 14-15, 2024 | Tampa, FL

Experience FinXTech

The ideal FI-fintech relationship is highly complementary, incredibly powerful and results in lucrative benefits for both sides. To help develop these strategic connections, FinXTech hosts Experience FinXTech, the industry’s leading financial technology event. During this annual event, financial institutions and fintechs connect with like-minded industry leaders, explore cutting-edge financial technologies, and learn how to navigate the nuances of the partnership process