In November of last year and March of this year, BSAC funded the $198,000 purchase of new state-of-the-art tactical vests and helmets for our SWAT Team. This next generation equipment helps keep these officers safer and more effective on every mission.

An Interview with SWAT - Part One
We were fortunate enough to catch up with Captain Steve Robson, SWAT Commander, and ask him some of the questions we have always wondered about our SWAT Team. Below is Part One of our interview:

Q. How many members are there on the BSO SWAT team?
A. In total there are 67 personnel assigned to the SWAT Team. This number is inclusive of 40 SWAT Operators, 10 Tactical Medics, 5 Logistic Support Personnel, and 12 Hostage Negotiators / Intelligence Team. 

Q. Is this their only job? 
A . No. Everyone on the SWAT Team has other responsibilities / assignments within the agency.  These responsibilities / assignments include Fugitive Recovery Unit, VIPER Unit, Gang Unit, Crime Suppression Team, Detective Bureau, and Road Patrol. 

Q. How many incidents do they respond to annually?
A. The BSO SWAT Team averages between 250 – 300 missions per year. 

Check out our next newsletter for Part Two!