BSAC Young People Produce & 
Star in Video Urging Positive & 
Respectful Communication
In an age when we can hide behind screens and usernames, it's more important than ever to remind each other the impact of our words and the value of positive and respectful communication. 

BSAC and Youth on Board partnered with the  Boston Public Schools' Office of Equity to produce " Stay Out of the Box," a video on healthy communications both in school and out. BSAC students Ahria Ilyas   and Sophia Kenneally served as narrators and, with the help of other BSAC student actors, also helped edit the script and produce the film -- student voice at every stage of the project!

"Stay Out of the Box" was the first phase of 24/7 Respect Week in Boston Public Schools, dedicated to teaching students the importance of staying safe and respectful with their peers in-person and online. Click here for more information on 24/7 Respect week and w atch our "Stay Out of the Box" video below:

"Stay Out of the Box"

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"Teaching our students life readiness skills means preparing them to be thoughtful, considerate, global citizens. I applaud the student advocacy of BSAC and the constantly extraordinary work of our Office of Equity in bringing conversations about mutual respect and socially responsible communication to the forefront."

                                    - Boston School Committee Chairperson Michael Loconto