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VOLUME 45 | ISSUE 4| December 2020

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January 7, 2021

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January 12, 2021

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January 19, 2021

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January 28, 2021

Letter From the Editor
An update from Katie Swanson
Geotechnical engineering may be one of the most “underground” aspects of civil engineering, but it’s nonetheless important despite being often unseen. Geotechs ensure that we have proper foundations for all our structures, hold back soils while we complete our construction jobs, harness the power of the earth to heat our buildings, and undoubtably do much more than I am aware of....Read more

Lead Article
Stacked Up...with Geotechnical Construction Solutions! 
Construction of a large building project in Boston requires thoughtful collaboration between the Design and Construction team from project inception through completion. Keller North America, Inc. (Keller) was engaged early in the project lifecycle to provide technical and constructability guidance to the Boston University Center for Computing & Data Sciences project team. Following these early collaborative efforts, a “stack” of geotechnical solutions was implemented to address specific earth retention and deep foundation challenges. Details of the geotechnical solutions adopted, as well as the team collaboration required to overcome challenges faced under the blanket of 2020 Global Pandemic, are described herein....Read more

President's Report
An update from Bruce Jacobs
BSCES is going all-in on virtual events this year. In speaking to members, it seems that many appreciate the convenience. I have however heard back from some members that wonder why the events couldn’t be run with no fee.... Read more

Featured Group
Geo-Institute Boston Chapter
The BSCES Geo-Institute provides opportunities for geotechnical engineers to network and enhance their professional knowledge. If you are a geotechnical engineer looking to get engaged with your peers, learn about the G-I’s activities and upcoming events.... Read more

Member Profile
Lewis Edgers
BSCES News had the opportunity in November to interview Professor Lewis Edgers, BSCES and ASCE life member, Tufts professor emeritus, professional engineer, research fellow, and most recently BSCES honorary member. Although his focus has nominally been in the geotechnical area, he is quick to point out the synergies not only in multiple civil engineering disciplines, but also in professional, educational, and community activities that still keep him engaged after 55 years in the field...Read more

Featured Projects
City of Portland Unveils Pop-up Park Along Downtown Waterfront
Stantec-designed Park at Amethyst in Portland, Maine, creates welcoming waterfront retreat adjacent to the Eastern Promenade Trail. The new park, the first to be added to the city-wide network in many years, maximizes the use of salvaged materials. In doing so, the city and Stantec greatly reduced the cost of construction while creating a new downtown destination.... Read More
Historic New England Infrastructure: South Hadley Canal
During the early years of our country, overland transportation was both very expensive and required more intensive labor than moving goods via waterways. Due to the additional travel related expenses, it cost nearly double to ship goods via river between Northampton, MA and Windsor, CT than it would to ship by sea between Hartford, CT and Boston, MA. Too bad Amazon wasn’t around back then! Read more

Boston Area Schools Use Geothermal Energy Technology for Long-Term Energy Sustainability 
Geothermal heat pump systems are one of the most efficient and sustainable energy systems and offer benefits including life-cycle cost savings, low maintenance, year-round comfort, and quiet operation. Boston area schools and new municipal buildings are using geothermal technology along with other renewable energy sources to power their facilities and meet their goals for net-zero energy use and sustainability. This article highlights two new school projects using geothermal heat pump systems for building heating and cooling – and one is the first net-zero emissions school in Massachusetts! Read more
Industry News

Recommended Flood Zoning Overlay District Impacts Future Coastal and Inland Development Projects
According to the 2016 Climate Ready Boston report, 12,100 buildings, or over 10% of Boston’s total building stock, will be exposed to flooding by the year 2070. The Coastal Flood Resilience Design Guidelines builds on recommendations made in the Climate Ready Boston initiative, creating a best practice resource for flood resilient building adaptation and new construction....Read More
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