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2016-17 School Year

Note: The first day of school is TUESDAY, August 30 (not Wednesday as in prior years)!
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Don't Miss the first in a series of Tech Talks for Parents

Tech Workshop 1: Ways to use technology to advocate for your child in school

Thursday, Feb. 18, 6-8 pm at Rosa Parks Elementary,  920 Allston Way

Community Conversation & Budget Workshop
Thur., Feb. 25 | 7:00-9:00 p.m. 
School Board Room | 1231 Addison 

Come discuss:
We'd like to know how many people are coming!  RSVP online

Berkeley Public Schools Bi-Annual Report
You can read about math instruction, the 2020 Vision, social-emotional learning, and much more in the recently released Berkeley Public Schools Bi-Annual Report sent to Berkeley residents. 
District Meetings & Events
Don't miss the chance to Dine Out! day or night and support Garden-based learning in our schools! 

Thursday, February 18
School Board Members Hold Monthly "Office Hours"
Join a board member in a local cafe and bring your ideas, suggestions, and questions.
Find the Board Member Office Hours Schedule
President's Day, February 12 & 15
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Brown Act Committees Open to the Public:
BSEP Planning & Oversight (P&O) Committee Meeting
Tues., Feb. 9 from 7:15-9:30pm
2020 Bonar St., Room 126

Wed., Feb 10, 7:30 p.m.
(School Board Meetings are held in the Board Room at 1231 Addison St.)
All School Board meetings are televised live on local cable channel 33 and stream live on  the BUSD YouTube channel .
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WE CARE - 2015 Employee Awards
Each year BUSD managers nominate employees who have met the WE CARE customer service model criteria of  Willingness, Empathy, Consistency, Aptitude (knowledge), Responsiveness, and Effectiveness (quality)

Take a look at the list of award recipients and join us in thanking them for their outstanding service! 
Day of Professional Development for Elementary School Teachers
While students enjoyed a break from school on January 25, elementary school teachers engaged in a series of workshops taught by our very own teachers and principals, and organized by Maggie Riddle (Director of K-8 Schools) and Michelle Sinclair (Coordinator of Professional Development). The work continued this year's focus in the elementary schools on: 
1) literacy and the components of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Program  curriculum, 
2) teaching strategies for equity that remove barriers to academic achievement, and 
3) working in effective Professional Learning Communities .  
Everyone Can Learn Math!
Berkeley math teachers are using knowledge about how the brain works to create conditions in which students  can best learn math, seeking to develop a positive, or "growth", mindset in their students. Research shows that a student who believes intelligence and skills can be improved with training and practice, rather than being fixed and inherent traits, may have brains more primed for solving math problems. Read More

"We are dedic ated to helping students establish a growth mindset in math and to make sense of mathematics. There is no such thing as a math gene; everyone can le arn math."
-Rebecca Burke, District Math Teacher Coach
Fully Accessible Family and Friends     Fun Field Day Event: March 30
Details here.