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BSP: Addressing the Health Needs of Immigrant Workers
May 2014 Newsletter
Kaiser Permanente

"Kaiser Permanente is supportive of Building Skills Partnership's vision to help individuals integrate into their communities. Helping participants to access

quality health care and participate in preventative health programs is an important component within our respective missions. Building Skills Partnership's unique ability to impact the lives of a demographic that is typically difficult to reach is both impressive and important to recognize. Their results are promising. As the health care provider to the vast majority of the population within the scope of BSP's influence, Kaiser Permanente looks forward to continuing to coordinate our efforts in creative ways. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with BSP to help our members become more informed participants in their own health care."


Tony Nottonson, Executive Account Manager, Kaiser Permanente

BSP Receives Renewed Funding for
Health Program Expansion
Health Fair in Orange County

BSP received a $244,000 grant for a second two-year project funded by the California Service Employees Trust Fund. An overwhelmingly positive response from the members of SEIU-United Service Workers West for health prevention information and services has further substantiated the need for health education. 

This proposal follows the first grant cycle which started in March 2012 and culminated successfully in October 2013.


With this renewed funding, BSP will hire a

full-time Health Educator to expand the geographic area of its Health and Wellness program and reach a larger number of workers. The new Health Educator will also develop an
in-depth case management wellness program to engage participants on a more individualized basis. BSP's goal will be to create a comprehensive health and wellness program that will make property service workers and their families aware of the adverse consequences of obesity and obesity-related illnesses and that will offer continuous long-term services catered to individual needs.  


The California Wellness Foundation Supports BSP's Preventative Health Program Throughout California
BSP participant in San Jose receives a free health screening

As part of a three year grant which will culminate in June 2014, The California Wellness Foundation has supported BSP's efforts to provide preventative health programming to immigrant workers throughout California. Recently, BSP hosted health fairs in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Jose, and at LAX-Tom Bradley terminal. Participants received glucose, 

cholesterol, blood pressure, and BMI screenings and received flu shots. Over 350 workers and their family members participated in these free health fairs. As part of the screenings, several participants were alerted to the risks of high blood pressure and elevated glucose levels and were referred to see a physician immediately.


Health fair participants had an opportunity to speak to representatives from their respective health plan providers, learn about the Affordable Care Act, and several families were able to sign-up for Covered California. To nurture healthier lifestyles, Zumba and cardiofitness demonstrations were available.

              BSP Health Fair in Los Angeles                                              BSP Health Fair in Orange County
Other News
BSP Awarded Western Digital Grant  
Western Digital awarded BSP a computer literacy grant totaling $7,500 to train immigrant janitors primarily in Silicon Valley.This grant will support the development of best practices for instruction through tablets.
BSP Awarded Cisco Grant  

Cisco awarded BSP a grant totaling $30,000 to expand its Vocational ESL courses for immigrant janitors and other building service workers in Silicon Valley. Through this grant, BSP will incorporate digital literacy instruction.

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