May 11, 2020

Dear BSS Families,

In our last correspondence we mentioned that we would contact you at the end of May. We understand that uncertainty is frustrating, so we are providing an update in the hopes this will help you prepare for summer.

This week is an important one for BSS’s summer operation. Our decision to run will be governed by state and local policies. which will be shaped by the CDC.

  • MA - We anticipate Governor Baker will share reopening details this week (ahead of May 18). 
  • CDC - will be preparing camp guidance most likely by mid-May. 
  • American Camping Association - providing a guide for camps which is to be completed by mid-May. (They will not be providing official guidance whether to operate or not - that will be left to the CDC. BSS is not licensed as a camp.)
  • Southern Massachusetts Sailing Association (SMSA) - May 14 call

I have been on calls (for close to two months) with a multitude of organizations which have been very helpful in terms of preparing a variety of operating strategies. Last week I participated in two US Sailing calls and a call with a newly created task force “Buzzards Bay East Clubs” (Buzzards, Megansett, Quissett, Wild Harbor, and Woods Hole). The good news from these calls is that everyone is eager to collaborate. If given the green light, BSS will ultimately make our own decision whether or not to run and the best way to do so for our unique organization. Our current thoughts include:

  • Emphasizing single-handed boats
  • Potentially restricting Widgeons and 420s to members of the same household (including parents)
  • Possibly allowing Bullseyes/H12s to participate with family members (including parents)
  • Possibly adding other water-based activities (swimming, rowing, kayaking, etc.)

Summer is going to be different - we will embrace these challenges as opportunities to create new ways to have fun at BSS. 

For those families who have not yet registered, it would help our planning if you could email me with your summer thoughts davidckorb@gmail.com  Should we run, we don’t want to be surprised with 100+ registrations and unable to accommodate everyone. 

Finally, unless there is a Massachusetts decision this week to halt summer programs’ operations, we will not make our decision for several more weeks.